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Does Sex Equal Pain

Learn about a woman's confusing intercourse pain, and what she may do to quell it.

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If a man has a large penis and is hitting the cervix, what kind of problems can occur and how do you fix it? I also would like to add that I lose interest in sex very quickly and I seem to drift off sometimes. Why is that? And why does it seem like my guy enjoys it more than I do?


Uncomfortably during sexual intercourse is unfortunately, not an uncommon occurrence. In fact, just the other day, I myself experienced some vaginal pain after sex. I don't normally have any problems with intercourse pain, so you can imagine how confused I was that this had occurred.

An Unexpected Pain

The fact is that, there are many women out there that have, or will have trouble with intercourse pain. This usually presents itself as a sharp stinging pain that focuses on the entry of the vagina. In other cases, a woman might feel a sore feeling of uncomfortably deep inside the vaginal walls, or you could feel the pain in the uterus and other internal sexual organs. Wherever the pain may lay, odds are they all stem from the same cause.

We refer to this type of vaginal pain as dyspareunia. It's most commonly experienced during or after sexual penetration. Dyspareunia does not exclusively occur during intercourse however. There are some rare cases where these types of pains have followed the simple insertion of a tampon, and there are numerous causes. Dyspareunia could be linked to a number of causes including; vaginal infection or inflammation, skin disorders, having a tipped uterus, or inadequate lubrication.

Just Not That In To It

Along with intercourse pain, many women lose interest in sex during the act as well. Some women are just simply natural mind wanderers. The best way to fix this problem is to take care of yourself first. Be sure that you're taking an adequate amount of time out of your day just to focus on yourself. Be sure you're getting enough sleep each night, and try some light meditation for about ten minuets each day. This will help to quite your mind during those intimate moments, and center your thoughts on more pressing matters when the time is right for that type of thinking.

Guys And Gals

The truth is, you should be enjoying your sex life just as much as your partner is. And the best way to ensure that that happens for the both of you is by creating an open, honest dialog between yourselves. By letting your partner know exactly what you do or don't like, and what hurts or feels good, you may save yourself a lot of painful and lack-luster intercourse. If you need him to slow down, tell him. If there's something he did last week that totally blew your mind, let him know so he can do it again.

I would also recommend utilizing natural herbs such as Turkey Rhubarb, Muira Puama, and Ligustrum. (SEE: Vaginal Regeneration Formula) These herbs will work together to help regenerate and detoxify your vagina by increasing the levels of nutrients in your cells. They will also bring down any previous inflammation caused by intercours

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