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Too Much yet Not Enough: She Suffers from Unpleasant Vaginal Discharge and Excessive Dryness at the Same Time

She wants to have a really wet vagina and at the same time she experiences foul smelling discharge

Case #: 1806


I want my vagina to be DRIPPING wet ALL the time. Do you have anything powerful enough for this? I have had trouble becoming wet for a long time. Meanwhile, I have a white, sour-smelling discharge. Can you help me?


The first item to address is that of vaginal dryness. Don’t be embarrassed – this condition afflicts women of all ages. It can be extremely uncomfortable in even the most ordinary circumstances, from sitting to exercising, and altogether impedes sex. Trust us when we say we understand why you want to correct this affliction.

Hoping for a continuously wet vagina, however, isn’t the ideal solution. Too much lubrication can be as alarming as not enough, and it can make sex downright unpleasant. Excessive wetness reduces friction so that neither you nor your partner will enjoy intercourse.

What you should strive for is a middle-of-the-road state in which your vagina is delicately lubricated throughout the day. Then, when it’s time for sex, this organ should produce more wetness so your partner can easily slide in and out. In other words, your vagina should be neither too wet nor too dry.

Causes of Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is caused by any number of factors. To understand this, you must first understand the vagina. It is a self-sustaining organ that relies on its moist environment to maintain overall health. Lubrication keeps vaginal walls strong and elastic to enhance sexual pleasure and facilitate reproductive functions.

A lack of lubrication turns vaginal walls from thick to brittle. They lose their elasticity, a chief reason why sex without proper wetness is so uncomfortable. Dry sex also causes tissue tears and abrasions that require significant time to heal.

Much of the vagina’s environment depends on estrogen levels. Estrogen prompts a moderate degree of lubrication, keeps vaginal walls plump and maintains acidity to deter infection. But estrogen is susceptible to dips and peaks caused by factors like the menstrual cycle, cigarette smoking, certain medications, and diet. A drop in estrogen corresponds to a dry vagina.

The Meaning of Vaginal Discharge

Just as lubrication is crucial to vaginal health, so too is discharge. Contained within this fluid are dead skin cells, unhealthy bacteria and toxins that must be expelled from the body. As the body undergoes ovulation and/or menstruation, you should expected to see differences in the color and texture of vaginal fluid.

What’s not normal is discharge that appears yellow, green, gray, or cheesy. That accompanied by a foul odor, abdominal pain or burning is also cause for alarm. Keep in mind these characteristics often signify infection. Anything that disrupts the vagina’s environment – from excessive washing and douching to plastic tampon applicators and unprotected sex – can cause bad bacteria to multiply and produce thick, strong-smelling discharge.

Increase Wetness and Keep Discharge at Bay

We’ve provided an overview of vaginal dryness and excessive lubrication; now it’s time for the good news. You don’t have to continue battling vaginal dryness or unsightly discharge. Nor do you have to ingest chemicals that may present even more unwanted effects. Rather, you can restore balance to your body with a dryness relief remedy, formulated with herbs that naturally improve estrogen levels. (TRY: Natural Vaginal Dryness Relief) This is crucial to improving vaginal wetness for daily activities as well as intercourse.

In conjunction with the herbal remedy you’ll want to use a vaginal moisturizing gel. Made with Wild Yam, the gel combats dryness and heightens genital sensitivity. You’ll enjoy greater pleasure from all of your sexual activities.

To address your discharge, we recommend a tincture made with such herbs as White Peony and Curcuma. (SEE: Abnormal Vaginal Discharge Relief Tincture) Tinctures have been used throughout history and proven beneficial for a variety of maladies. They include alcohol that isolates medicinal properties of specific herbs. The result is a potent drink to increase immunity and help your body stave off vaginal infection.

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