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She Becomes Too Sensitive During Sex And she Asks To Stop

Learn how a woman of forty has never had an orgasm with her husband of twenty years because of over sensitivity, and what exactly she needs to calm her nerves.

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Hello, I have a question about my wife. When we got married, she was 20 years old and I was 39 years old. We have been married for 20 years, and throughout this time she has never had an orgasm with me but she can achieve orgasm with a vibrator or water jet.

We are consulting a doctor for the forth time, and she’s told us that she will never have an orgasm. I would like to find something that will make it easy for her to have one during intercourse. She doesn’t have any physical problems, and her clitoris is in healthy condition. The problem is it becomes too sensitive during sex and she asks to stop. Can you help us?


One of the oddest feelings is over sensitivity of the clitoris. Many women will experience this sensation at least once in their lives. I personally have, and the best way to describe such a thing is pure numbness of the area. It feels as if the clitoris has either been so over worked that the pleasure of sex has become painful, or that the clitoris has been completely shut off.

Sensation Overload
What we need to understand is that the clitoris is made up of about 8,000 nerve endings that connect 15,000 nerve fibers to the pelvic region. In order to really cause any serious, irreversible damage to our nerve endings, those specific nerves would have to be severed or experience third degree burn trauma. This is essentially the silver lining in this case, unless the water jet she's using is spraying her with scalding hot water.

Put Down The Buzz

I am fully aware that vibrators are amazing when it comes to getting off. In a lot of instances they're quick, efficient, and almost fool proof. For a long time, before I met my significant other, I had never experienced an orgasm during sexual intercourse and the vibrator always came in handy. However, afterwards it would leave a pins and needles sensation in it's wake. Not a pleasurable feeling.

The best advice to take is to lay down the old vibrator for awhile, and only use the water jet for it's intended purpose. Next, you should start to consider what types of natural herbs will work right for you. The area needs to be healed by rejuvenating the neuro-endocrine function. Herbs such as Psoralea (formulated in: VRD Formulation) will help to relax the nerves while it also strengthens and restores the clitoral tissue. Ligustrum has been known to ease vaginal pain while also detoxifying the body.

Relaxation Is Key

Once the work has been put in and the healing has begun, there is be fun to be had. Take your time exploring each others bodies. Take things slow, don't rush through for the pay-off. It's important to be in the moment during a sexual encounter. For most women, sex is more of a mental, than physical experience. It's not just a race to the end for us. Most women want the whole experience, and once we begin to really relax and let go the best orgasms are sure to follow.

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