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Vaginal Insensitivity and Subsequent Vibrator Overuse

Unable to sustain arousal during sex, a woman turns to excessive masturbation with a vibrator in an effort regain vaginal sensation. Now, she's added sexual exhaustion and clitoral insensitivity to her problems.
Case #: 1105

I have noticed that I am no longer able to stay excited during sex. Because I am obsessed with solving my sexual problems, I have been masturbating all the time, hoping to see an improvement. I started using a vibrator a lot. Now I have more problems, because my clitoris now has very little sensitivity. Sometimes, it even hurts to massage it.

Through a combination of communication, experimentation, and empathy, there's no reason why our sexual partners shouldn't be able to make sure that we have fulfilling orgasms, even though every woman's needs are different. For example, many women never experience vaginal orgasms from penile penetration, while others prefer it over any other type of stimulation.
Unfortunately, additional issues can sometimes get in the way of a positive sexual experience for both partners, even if they both know all the moves and do everything right. Sometimes, women become physically unable to benefit from sexual stimulation to the same degree that they used to. Vaginal insensitivity can lead women to seek pleasure from other sources outside of what their partner can provide, such as from a vibrator.
What Causes Vaginal Insensitivity?

When you lose some of the sensation in your vagina over time, there are many potential causes and contributors. A common factor is the natural aging process. As hormone levels decline, the vaginal tissues become more susceptible to the stressors of sex and childbirth, and may lose elasticity over time, leading to vaginal loosening and inadequate stimulation during intercourse. However, hormonal issues such as estrogen imbalance, birth control pill side effects, and the natural hormone fluctuations throughout the menstrual cycle can affect women at any age.
Another possible cause for reduced vaginal sensitivity is sexual exhaustion. Too much sex or masturbation without allowing your body adequate recovery time can increase the amount of stimulation needed to trigger an orgasm due to over-expenditure of the hormones and chemicals that regulate sexual responses. This sometimes leads to excessive stimulation in an attempt to reach orgasm, which can cause more soreness and inflammation than pleasure. Additionally, it is possible to become too psychologically dependent on the unique sensation of a vibrator when you masturbate on your own, to the point where nothing a human partner can do for you feels very exciting.
Regaining Lost Sensation

It sounds like you are suffering from sexual exhaustion symptoms that are adding to the vaginal insensitivity that you were already experiencing. It might be a good idea to refrain from having sex and masturbating for a few weeks to allow you body the time it needs to replenish its normal reserves of hormones and neurotransmitters, as well as clearing out inflammatory responses from sexual stimulation. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Revitalization) In addition to allowing your clitoris to heal, Limiting your sex and masturbation sessions to once every other day may also help you regain vaginal sensation and feelings of arousal during sex.
If addressing sexual exhaustion doesn't solve your problems, it might be helpful to support your sex life with the right blend of medicinal herbs that stimulate vaginal and clitoral circulation and promote DHEA secretion to counteract the effects of hormone decline.

What to do

Natural Clitoral Revitalization – Revive the Sensitivity & Passion

Most modern career-oriented adults sadly discover that as life gets busier, they (and many other couples) indulge in unsatisfying goal-oriented sex. A ‘quickie’ gets the job done. But all this ‘too much’ and ‘too fast’ can numb a woman’s most...

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