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Learn how a video model has lost that special feeling down there, and what she can do to reclaim it.

Case #: 1286


I’m a model, at least that is to my official job title. I, unlike other models, do not stand in front of fancy cameras or work with revered photographers. No, I sit in front of a computer camera, and I talk to distant strangers for money. Yes, I take off my clothes. And yes; I do masturbate for audiences, but thankfully, I do not have sex on camera. And because of my god-given assets, I generate throngs of customers willing to see me “perform.”

And while the money, easy hours and freedom make for wonderful job qualities, I am suffering from some ineffectual outcomes as a result of my job. Because I masturbate on camera, I use several kinds of toys; men (and women) like variety I guess. Vibrators, foreign objects, and yes, even edible food, gets shoved into my vaginal canal. As a result, I feel no pain, which is a problem.

The lack of sensitivity has made sex with my current boyfriend terrible. My boyfriend is great at sex. He’s you know, BIG, where it matters, and he too has hours of stamina. But because I feel nothing, I experience no stimulation. And now I really want to reach my climax. What can I do!


I think we all have been there at some point as women. You've been having sex for about twenty minutes straight, and all of a sudden you're numb. I call this the 'quick pump numbness.' Rough sex is great, if that's what you're into, but when your man is thrusting with the speed that would put a jack rabbit to shame, you're definitely headed towards some quick pump numbness.

That Good Old Feeling

I believe this parallels your problem with vaginal numbness. Though we both have slightly different jumping off points, we both end up at the same dead end.

A Different Path

When women utilize vibrators to their up most potential, things start to get pretty hairy. When the nerve endings are almost constantly being stimulated they tend to grow large with inflammation. As you might have already guessed, this makes the area very painful to deal with. But when you aren't feeling any pain, the problem may stem from elsewhere.

Birth control is high on the list of vaginal numbness contributors. The Pill is made up of various synthetic hormones that can throw your body's balance completely off. If birth control does any damage to the endocrine system, it will subsequently prevent a woman from naturally replenishing her body with the needed amount of testosterone it takes to power an orgasm. After the damage is done frequent intercourse or masturbation will numb the clitoris as well as the G-spot. This almost completely takes away the chance of actually feeling anything during sex AND having an orgasm.

What Makes The Clitoris Tick

In order for a woman to maintain a relaxed vaginal and uterine musculature, her body must produce the proper amount of prostaglandins. The parasympathetic nerve endings within the vagina must also produce a certain level of nitric oxide sufficient enough to erect the clitoris and the urethral spongy tissues. Without these essential hormones, our clitoris and G-spot would become rigid and brittle. And nobody wants that!

Bringing Back That Good Old Feeling

In order to bring back the sensitivity to your vagina, you will have to work from the inside-outward. In addition to focusing blood circulation in the clitoral region of your body, you will also need to rejuvenate the nerve endings there that have been damaged. Luckily, you can easily achieve both of these tasks and more with some natural resources. Herbal remedies that include ingredients like Dong Quai, Mucuna Prurien and, Horny Goat Weed are known for their almost magical affect they have on the vagina. They will provide the crucial nutrients for neurotransmitter production, which will effectively bring back that wondrous sensation you've been lacking down there.

To anyone else, I would strongly advise staying away from the vibrator and any other fun toys one might have. But, seeing as these things go hand-in-hand with your job it might be rough going cold turkey. However, I would suggest getting a little creative with how you go about doing things for a while as what your vagina really needs is time to heal.

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