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Pain, Pain, Go Away: Why She Continuously Experiences Pain During Sex

She has pain during sex, and thus has lost her desire. Doctors can’t help her, and it’s already ruined one relationship. Now in another relationship, the pain is threatening to stop her from having sex. How can she enjoy sex again?

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I have been to a few doctors about this problem I have had over the years. I have had 2 sexual partners in my life; with the first one I was dealing with a problem that involved pain during sex. This made me not want to have sex at all and I think that's what ruined that relationship. After not being in a relationship I started to feel a lot better. I later found my second partner and I was fine, with no sexual pain at all, and I was able to enjoy sex again. But then, the pain came back. I don't want to have sex at all anymore because of the pain. This really blows. I want to go back to the point where I was finally enjoying sex for once. Is that possible?


Continually experiencing pain during intercourse is a sure sign that things aren’t right inside your body. There are three issues that can cause pain during intercourse, but only one of them doesn’t also inflict extra heavy menstrual periods upon you. A tipped uterus can cause sex to be painful, and can become more pronounced over time, which leads me to believe that this is what you’re suffering from.

Out of Kilter

A tipped uterus, known scientifically as a retroverted uterus, occurs in roughly thirty percent of women. It normally causes no problems, but it does tend to create more painful periods, and can cause sex to be uncomfortable. It is impossible to diagnose without the use of ultrasound technology, wherein the position of the uterus can easily be seen.

Bent Over Backwards

Tipped or tilted uteruses face backwards towards the rectum, instead of forwards towards your belly. This is the reason women with tipped uteruses complain of extreme lower back and abdominal pain during menstruation. This position of the uterus can also create pain during intercourse. This is because the penis bangs into the uterus in places that it isn’t supposed to be touched, thereby creating the sensation in the reproductive area that the uterus is being abused.

Over-Protective Body

This “abuse” causes the body to respond as if to an injury, quickly forming an army of hormones known as prostaglandins. These cause swelling, inflammation, and tenderness in the area, as injury-response cells flood the scene to promote healing. Your body thinks it’s doing the right thing, but you’ll be feeling ultra-sensitivity and possibly cramping. Ouch! But don’t worry; this isn’t a hard problem to fix.

Stop It Before It Starts

Because the pain is the result of these on-site hormones, you can easily stop feeling this pain by removing one of the ingredients for it. Prostaglandins combine with chemicals at the site of injury to create its painful response. By blocking the attachment site of these chemicals, the noxious formation cannot be completed. NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) will prevent this process, and while the name is intimidating, I’m sure you’re familiar with aspirin and ibuprofen—two of the best known of these drugs.

So, to save your relationship, and get a little pleasure out of it, what you need to do is to pop a couple of ibuprofen before you have sex. It won’t decrease your pleasure any, and you’ll surely have a better time. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on this method, as it can interfere with other prostaglandin processes in your body—ones that need to occur.

A Better Method

For a long time solution, I recommend an herbal supplement designed to revitalize your reproductive area and to give strength and improved function to the same. (SEE: Natural Herbal Supplement for Sexual Sensitivity Intensifier) You’ll find sex is much more enjoyable and pleasurable—a must for female sexual health. I’m sure you’ll soon see results with this formula!

What to do

Arginine For Better Female Sexual Sensitivity

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death between men and women. A whopping 64 million Americans suffer from cardiovascular disease. And while a healthy heart may attribute to longevity, so too will a healthy sex life.

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