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How One Figure Eight Can Change Your Sex Life: The Ultimate Cock Ring

A young man wants to find a toy for himself, not just for his girlfriend. Is there anything out there that’s good for boys and girls together, not just the girl alone?
Case #: 1916

My girlfriend and I have a healthy sex life, but I’m a little bored with the usual huff-and-puff routine. Most toys are designed with females in mind, but I wondered if there was anything that could get both of us going, instead of just her? Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of toys for her, but I’m looking for something special for me!

I know exactly what you mean. I’m another one for whom the usual just isn’t enough. As a female, however, I—like you say—have plenty of options from which to choose to spice up my love life. For men, there remain just a few toys, depending on your sexual interests. There’s always anal beads, you know. But one that I can assure you will work for both you and your girlfriend is a cock-and-testicle ring.
The Trifecta

This toy wraps around your penis and your testicles, and most come with a vibrator. The effect of this is threefold. Firstly, your penis remains harder for longer, as the blood is trapped inside of it, instead of coming and going at the whim of your body. That’s why cock rings are often suggested for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, or who have problems maintaining an erection. While this isn’t a problem for you, it can make sex a lot more fun, as you can really keep your steel rod going strong for as long as you (or your girlfriend) want.
Keeps on Going... and Going...

Speaking of going long, you’re going to be able to hold back a lot longer, too, if you know what I mean. Constriction of the vasa deferentia—your semen tubes—at the top of the scrotum has been proven to assist men in delaying orgasm. It’s quite difficult to do by hand, but a testicle ring is an easy and safe way to put a light check on ejaculation. Will you still be able to orgasm? Of course! It’ll just prolong your pleasure. You can even integrate it into BDSM play, if that’s the sort of thing you and your girlfriend enjoy.
Love Button

And the vibrator. Many cock-and-testicle rings come equipped with a minute vibrator encased in some sort of jelly attached to the penile ring. Sort of like a humming jellybean. When you engage in intercourse, the bead will buzz your girlfriend’s clitoris. It’s up to you whether you wish to tease her with light touches, or tantalizingly torture her with prolonged contact. Either way, she’s going to love it.
Spoiled for Choice

There are many options for cock-and-testicle rings. (SEE: Temporary Erection Relief Vibrating Cock Rings) The most basic ones are jelly-like—able to be easily snapped on when you’re ready to go. Others can be more imposing, made of metal or leather. It really depends on how intense you want to get with your sex play. But for sure, you’ll both be having a really good time, no matter how you choose to go. Enjoy your new toy!

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Vibrating Cock and Testicle Rings Guide - Temporary Help For Urgent Moment

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