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Riding Hard Wears It Down: How A Damaged Penis Shrank

He's masturbated for years, more than daily, but now his penis just won't rise to the occasion with the same enthusiasm. Has he damaged his erection? Is it permanent? Can he fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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Might have possibly damaged my penis tissue because it seems really different. I masturbated ever since I was 12 or 13 once a day and sometimes 2 to 3 times. I think I damaged my penis because it is very shriveled and won't get as big as before. I think it is smaller than before. Will I ever recover from this? How can I get back to normal?


If you've never ridden a motorcycle with a 1,000 cc engine or a really healthy horse, there's really no way to describe the sensation of the wind pushing at your face and all that power between your legs pushing you for the horizon. On the other hand, anyone who has ever masturbated knows exactly how it feels when your orgasm rips through you. Motorcycle riding and masturbation both exhilarate... but both also require respect for the limitations of the equipment. Let's take a look under the cowling to get a better idea of what those limitations might be.

Your Fluids And Your Shaft

Your erection consists of three tubes full of porous, spongy tissue: the left and right corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum. With the proper neurological and hormonal signals, the arteries inside your penis dilate to allow additional blood to flow into the tissues; specialized muscles also clamp off the veins, trapping the blood until you release it. Simple as twisting the throttle, right?

It's actually as complicated as that, because the process doesn't stop with ejaculation and afterglow. Every erection leaves a few tiny leaks in blood vessel walls. Repairing those leaks present no challenge to your body, provided you allow the time and resources to do so; normally, your erection will be right as rain a day or two after any given ejaculation, but not if you have four or five more after the first. If you let those tiny leaks accumulate faster than your body heals them, then your erections can hardly help but get smaller and weaker.

Displacement Decrease

Healing the blood vessels works a lot like healing a cut on your skin and involves some scab-tissue buildup until the repairs are finished. Bear in mind, though, that scar-tissue buildup can constrict your blood vessels. The same amount of energy puts less blood into your erection, which leaves your erections smaller and weaker, like trying to inflate a tire and fighting both a leak and a clogged valve.

You may also be fighting swollen tissue, caused by too much prostaglandin e-2. The hormone normally keeps your blood vessels dilated during erections, but excess levels in your system for extended periods of time can cause the tissues around the vessels to swell up. This constricts the blood vessels even more, which makes it even more difficult to fully inflate your erectile tissues.

Zen And The Art Of Erection Maintenance

Your first and most important step is to refrain from masturbating for at least three solid weeks. This will give your body the time it needs to get a good start on finishing all the repair projects inside your penis, as well as flushing out the accumulated byproducts. While you're waiting for your inner mechanics to wrap up their work inside your body, there are many things you can do to help them.

Check your diet. Look for foods rich in zinc, like properly prepared oysters or toasted wheat germ, and B-vitamins like eggs, dairy and leafy green vegetables, but do your own research to find the foods best suited to your taste and budget.

Set up and maintain a moderate exercise regimen, to help boost your metabolism and testosterone levels. Testosterone assists with tissue regeneration as well as fueling your erections; your increased stamina and self-confidence will also help your sexual performance.

You may also want to use an all-natural topical lotion to assist your erection repair efforts. (TRY: Herbal Lotion Formula for Penile Damage Recovery). The formula works by in various ways that add up to a speedy erection recovery. Among other things: blood circulation improves, collagen in scar tissue and bruises gets dissolved faster, hormonal imbalances get re-adjusted to healthier levels, nutrients get fed directly to the parts of your penis that need them the most.

Please keep your health-care provider informed about your difficulties, as well as how you address them. Also, remember that it took you years to get to this state, so recovering from it will also take some time. Let your body work without trying to push it too hard, and your penis will be back to its old self before you know it. Good luck!

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