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Urinary Quandary

A 15-year veteran masturbator finds that, even if he has a wife to help him with his sexual needs, he still has problems with the urge to urinate more often than he ever had before. What's going on? Read on, get the facts and find out what you can do to solve a similar problem.

Case #: 1400


I masturbated in excess for more than 15 years. Now as a married man, I am noticing the side effects of too much self pleasure. And after reading some information on the guides, I see my problems as small, especially compared to other men. Still, the biggest issue I experience is the constant urination. I must visit the bathroom 15-20 times a day, and I’m not even counting the times I go at night! My constant bathroom trips makes going to work impossible. Now I am afraid that I really damaged my body. Please help me.


Life spans in the 21st Century have increased dramatically over most of the previous centuries on record.

Where's the Bathroom?

Unfortunately, despite widely-available information about improved diet and exercise, many men are finding themselves in the embarrassing position of having to pee constantly... and being unable to control themselves 100% of the time.

Why Can't I Finish?

Here's a quick review of some basics. Your urine collects in your bladder, and when your bladder is full you release the urine to flow through your urethra and out of your penis. What you may not know is that there are actually two sphincters holding the urine in your bladder: the outermost “external” one is under your conscious control, while the “internal” one is triggered by your autonomic neural net. (That's the one that will open up when your bladder is full, whether you're ready or not.) But what is at the root of your problem is that at the bottom of your bladder and wrapped around the part of your urethra connected to the bladder is a spongy gland called the prostate.

It's a pretty nifty little thing, usually between the size of a walnut and a golf ball. It generates a lot of hormones as well as half to three-quarters of the total mass of your ejaculate. It also never really stops growing for your entire life, which may be the problem.

Excessive masturbation puts severe demands on the prostate. Generating prostatic fluid requires nutritional raw materials that your body might need elsewhere, as well as putting wear and tear on the prostate during the process. Lack of recovery time tends to make the gland swell and pinch the urethra partly closed. It also swells up around the two sphincters controlling release of urine, making one or both of them less able to form an effective seal. This is how you can feel like you constantly have to pee at the same time as you're all but cursing at your penis as your flow is a sullen stream barely more than a drip.

More importantly, excessive masturbation contributes to converting testosterone to DHT (or dihydrotestosterone) much more quickly than the body normally manages, depleting the supply of testosterone available for other purposes. Excess DHT has been linked with male-pattern baldness, but for your purposes it also contributes to your prostate growing faster than it should as well as weakening the muscles that control your bladder sphincters.

What Can I Do About It?

The wisest first step is to cut back on your sexual activity as much as possible, to give your prostate time to repair itself. You should also keep your health-care provider informed about your symptoms, so you can get more informed and personalized advice for your symptoms. You may get a recommendation for a prostate massage, which may relieve some of your symptoms if done correctly. You can practice Kegel exercises to help strengthen your weakened pubococcygeus muscle (“P.C.” muscle) if your health-care provider approves; bladder problems past a certain point may be made even worse by Kegel exercises. While you explore your options, you might consider taking an herbal supplement designed specifically to address overactive bladder problems. (TRY: Natural Formula for Prostate & Urinary Health Control)

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