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Being Always in The Mood Can Be a Bad Thing

He constantly desires sex. His incessant desires have lead him to over-masturbate, a precursor to further sexual dysfunctions. Now, he wishes to help minimize his desires before things get too out of control.

Case #: 29679


Prior to visiting your website, I was losing my hair. I took formulated products to help re-grow my hair follicles—and then I became impotent. My erections no longer rose every morning like the sun. Instead, my erections followed a pattern similar to a full moon—appearing once a month. I suffered in silence until I stumbled onto your site and took some recommended products. However, I feel the product worked too well because I am constantly yearning for sex.

I’m at work, thinking about sex. I go to church—with sex on my mind. I watch television, and I cannot stop myself from undressing the news anchor or actress with my eyes. I feel that I love sex a bit too much now. My excessive desires have led me to masturbate daily. I have been masturbating multiple times a day, and I fear my habits will eventually lead to a state of sexual exhaustion. What can be done to stymie my desires?


You are not alone in your plight to fight your sexual urges. Many young men try to impede over-masturbation daily. Some days you win; other days you lose. However, it seems as if you lose to temptation each and every day.

It appears your problems are so bad that not even tying your hands together would not prevent you from masturbating. Still, you can find ways to fight the urges to minimize the chances of becoming sexually exhausted.

More Than Self-Control

Self control can do only so much for someone in your position. Your mind seems overwhelmed by the desires to masturbate that you give in—each and every time. Sex, like every bodily desire, is actuated by chemical reactions.

These chemical actions can be counterbalanced by opposite reactions. When your body experiences an increase in 5-HTP, the body raises the serotonin level, a neurochemical that controls mood, ejaculations, and stress levels. Raising serotonin levels will too help with controlling your sexual desires.

Because 5-HTP can reduce the over-conversion of dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine, the chemical can calm the sympathetic nervous functions and reduce your sexual urgency and anxiety. The reduction in sexual activity will too minimize your chances of sexual dysfunction.

Feel The Change

Since you cannot sit in a room all day with your hands tied together, you will have to fight the urges by conventional means. You will have to avoid watching porn. You will have to refrain from daydreaming about sex.

You also will have to exercise some self-restrain. The changes will not come over night. Sexual addiction, like any addictive activity/substance, requires time to see a reduction in its frequency. Keeping busy will help minimize the chances of masturbating.

Taking all-natural herbs (SEE: Mind Control Solutions) too can actuate the production of necessary neurochemicals to reduce your sexual desires. If all else fails, you could try tying your hands together while you sit in a room for days. Just kidding. Do'nt do that.

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