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Penis Pain & Injury - Caused by Urethritis

A condition known as urethritis occurs when the urethra gets infected and inflamed. Some men can have urethritis and have no symptoms at all. But most men would experience burning pain while urinating, notice discharge from the penis, have the constant urge to urinate, endure itching around the groin area, and have a painful feeling inside the penis and painful ejaculations.

Case Study

About 2 years ago, I was masturbating between two and five times daily and after about six months it began to hurt when I "came". I started clenching my penis as I ejaculated to try to stop the pressure and excruciating pain. After a while, these red and blue veins began to appear. I stupidly persisted to masturbate and doctors said I had chronic prostitus but I managed to be clear of infection. Now there are funny bruises. I have stopped masturbation temporarily, but my urethra and penis are very swollen!

There are many causes of urethritis.  Irritation by substances, such as creams, lotions, soap and spermicides can cause a type of urethritis that cannot be spread to anyone else.  Sexually transmitted diseases, like gonorrhea and chlamydia, can also cause urethritis. These can be spread to sexual partners. Excessive sex or masturbation can also be a cause.

Over-masturbation can be one of the factors that trigger the chronic prostatitis and urethral irritation that lead to urethritis. People that suffer from urethritis with a very high frequency of habitually masturbation can damage the varicose veins inside their penis. Bruising and painful ejaculations would occur often.

Natural Solutions
The first necessary step is to stop masturbating or significantly reduce it to only once per week. There are many potent herbs known to fight infection that relieve pain and strengthen the urinary system. For example, Cranberry Remedy with Hibiscus contains Proanthocyanidins (PACs), a chemical compund that ruins the structure of bactieral fimbriae, which cause UTIs and bladder infections. By eliminating the bacterial structures, men can combat urethritis symptoms that can damage the penis.

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