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A Fatty Penis is No Good: What to Do When Your Cholesterol is Impacting Your Erections

He’s young, but he’s already suffering from the effects of high cholesterol. His erections are going to the wayside, and already he’s having less than usual. What are some ways to combat the negative effects of high cholesterol on male sex life?
Case #: 1965

I’m just 25, but high cholesterol runs in my family and my doctor says my LDLs are way too high. I think they’ve been affecting my sex life as well. I can’t seem to get a real boner lately, and my morning wood has completely disappeared. Have you heard of anything like this happening? What can I do about it?

Unfortunately, erectile issues emerge quite rapidly after the onset of high cholesterol. This is due to the nature of the penis. For an erection to occur, the penis must fill rapidly and completely with blood. High cholesterol impedes this process, first, by clogging the blood vessels themselves, and secondly, by stiffening and tightening the arterial walls.
Stiff and Tight

Imagine the penis as a mesh tube. Now, imagine inserting a piece of hose into the tube. From the outside, the tube looks the same, and it’s still slightly bendy, but there’s no longer any give. It’s stiff, and the potential volume has been drastically decreased. This is what’s happened to your penis, and it’s what we need to remedy in order to get your erections back.
Soften Up

So, the first thing to do is to restore flexibility to your vascular system. With renewed strength and elasticity, your circulation will be much improved, and your erections will return en force. With a healthy circulation, your body will also begin to process all the plaque that’s currently clogging your arteries. Less plaque means more blood volume moving faster, which means quicker, harder hard-ons.
Masters of Membrane

What I recommend for stiff, inflexible arteries and veins is Omega-3 fatty acids. And a great way to increase your intake of these valuable molecules is to begin a Fish Oil supplement. Studies have proven that Fish Oil—and the Omega-3s therein—improve brain health. They also benefit any sort of membrane by improving the permeability and suppleness.
This applies to your circulatory system as well, and to the corpus cavernosum of your penis, which is composed of a very specific type of tissue known as erectile tissue. Erectile tissue is highly vascularized, and during arousal becomes engorged with blood. If this area of the penis doesn’t have access to a good blood flow, you’ll end up with a sad-looking erection, if you can even achieve one at all.
Boner Boosters

Besides improving circulatory health and ability, you can also look into increasing testosterone and nitric oxide levels in the body, for the time being. Testosterone will help your body to heal the tissues of the penis, and restore strength to feeder capillaries in the penis. Nitric oxide allows a greater influx of blood into the penis. Both of these can be assisted by specific herbal blends. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Sex Life & Heart Health Booster)
Sarsparilla Jamaican has been used to safely increase testosterone for many years. It’s also a blood purifier, and assists the liver in detoxification—something you really need right now. Schisandra improves blood flow to the genitals in both men and women, which is vital for your healing and future erections.
I’m sure that you’ll soon see an improvement in your erections with this formula. It’s unlucky that you’re suffering from this issue so young, but if you take control of it now, it won’t become an even larger problem later. Good luck!

What to do

Nature’s Gift for Healthier Heart & Better Love Life

Control your high blood pressue to improve your erectile capacity.

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