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Why Is It Getting Smaller?

Here's a long-time fan of masturbation, who has discovered that the old mothers' warnings about masturbating weren't dire enough. What has happened? How can he restore his manhood to its previous proud proportions? Read on to learn what has shrunk his penis and how he can repair it.

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My problem is that my penis size is about 3.9 inches. I remember it being bigger when I first finished puberty. I started masturbation since age 13 years. When my penis retracts back to my belly it is barely visible. Is my penis size sufficient for love making? What can I do to enlarge my penis size and to grow my confidence?


Exercise makes things bigger. Everyone knows that. It's why those bodybuilders look like they've been inflated. So, why don't chronic masturbators have penises the size of baseball bats between their legs? Why do their penises sometimes actually seem to wear down to a smaller and smaller size?

It has to do with how muscle growth works, and the fact that what's good for the goose (red muscles) is definitely not good for the gander (the penis).

What A World...

When you exercise specifically to build muscle-mass, what you're really doing is tearing down muscle fibers and encouraging your body's repair systems to build more, and denser, muscle tissue. This takes time, and a steady supply of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Think of it like any other manufacturing process: raw materials come in the factory, get converted into the desired end-products, then they get installed into the new equipment.

Tear It Down To Build It Up

From your perspective, you eat nutritious foods and get plenty of rest so your body can take the raw nutrients and turn them into the hormones and other substances necessary to heal your body. But if you don't give the factory enough time to shift production from one product (semen) or process (orgasms) to another (repairing your damaged tissues and replenishing the store of hormones used up in orgasms), then you're just using up your body's stock-on-hand... and there isn't a lot of on-board storage space for it.

Plaque Is Not Just On Your Teeth

Sports players usually leave a mess behind when they leave the locker room, with leftover athletic tape or gum wrappers or other things. Orgasms are very similar: your blood and other tissues have traces of what you've been doing, and it takes time to clean up and put everything back to mostly the way it was. Think of rapid orgasms, one right after the other, as bringing in a new team of players into the locker room before the janitors have had a chance to mop up or re-stock the soap; the more often you get a new team into the locker room, the more of a mess the new team has to wade through and the less soap they have for their own needs.

From the perspective of your body, the litter is like the plaque that forms on your blood vessels when your body can't clean up, and the empty soap containers are like the lack of HGH, which prevents your body from properly repairing itself. Eventually, there will be too much litter for the next team to get out of the locker room.

What Can I Do?

The first thing to do is to reduce your sexual activities as much as possible. Just like janitors might need to close the locker room while they clean up a particularly big mess, your body has a lot of extra repair-work to do. Along with getting plenty of rest and checking with your health-care provider to see if your diet could use any improvement, you have a few other active options to pursue.

Your best bet is to massage your penis properly while using an herbal supplement designed to heal the damage to the inner tissues and re-balance your hormone levels. (SEE: Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth) You should also exercise other muscles, to increase your testosterone naturally and reduce plaque on your blood vessels.

Ultimately, you need to let your body do its job on its schedule. You may need to learn how to please your partner in other ways while your penis heals, but you may find that the down-time encourages you to be more creative in the bedroom. Who knows, perhaps you and your partner will discover new ways to enjoy each other while you let your body recover. Couple new skills with your restored penis size, and your partner will happily chalk the “dry spell” as time very well spent.

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