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Regaining An Erection After Prostatectomy

A caring wife learns how to help her husband recover from prostate surgery and regain his erection.

Case #: 452


As a loving wife, I have supported my husband through sickness and health. Now, in his dire state, I helped him recover and beat prostate cancer at the young age of 49. He beat the disease, but its remnants continue to plague him. Since the surgery, he has noticed weak erections. Even with excessive stimulation, my husband cannot gain a proper erection. We try all sorts of ways to get his soldier standing tall, but each method yields the same results. What's worse for him is the constant urinary incontinence he suffers from. His weak erections and urinary incontinence continue to be sources of humiliation and embarrassment. Please help me figure out what is wrong with him?


Sadly, issues such as these are all too common after a Prostatectomy. The good news is that your husband's life has been saved, but the bad news is that recovery will not necessarily be easy. As any doctor will tell you, no surgery is without its risks or side effects.

In this case, your husband is suffering from issues that affect his ability to control urination and gain an erection, which are both indicative of nerve damage caused by the removal of the prostate. However, even if the nerves are damaged, that doesn't mean he won't be able to regain a healthy sexual lifestyle once more.

How Did This Happen?

As you may know, the prostate is a very important part of the male sexual reproductive system. In extreme cases, its removal is absolutely necessary, but removing it can cause problems and will significantly change the way your husband experiences sex.

One of the main risks associated with Prostatectomy is the injury of associated nerves, as they lie right next to the prostate and are almost impossible to leave unaffected. These are the nerves which give your husband the ability to gain and sustain an erection. You shouldn't blame his doctor for this, as it's just one of the problems associated with prostate removal. Thankfully, even after experiencing this issue, a lot of men find that their nerves heal and they can regain some control over their erection. (...more)

Further Complications

In this case, the urinary incontinence has also been caused by the removal of the prostate. The prostate's role is not only to produce the alkaline fluid for semen, but also to control the flow of urine. The gland literally wraps around the urethra controlling the flow of liquids, so removing it is obviously going to cause some problems.

However, that doesn't mean that there is no way to regain control after some healing takes place. Just as with the erectile dysfunction that your loved one is experiencing, he could very well find his urinary incontinence problems dissipate over time.

The Next Step

While it's very likely that your husband will experience at least some of the side effects of prostate removal for a long time, there's no reason to feel defeated. Remember the strength and courage you both used to get through this trying time in your lives?

Use that courage and strength once more to try and overcome the issues of nerve damage and urinary incontinence. The most healthy thing that you can do for your partner is to let him rest and relax as the body heals itself.

However, in addition to rest and relaxation, there are also many natural supplements that can help to speed up the process of recovery. With the help of these herbs, your husband may very well find himself back in action before you know it.

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