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Nervous Ticks and Leaky.....Penises – Is Your Anxiety Causing Premature Ejaculation?

Do you get the jitters? Anxiety can cause premature ejaculation, so this is one problem that's definitely worth addressing. Learn how you can overcome those nerves and improve your sex life.

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Hello, I am a 41 year old man who is now suffering from stupid mistakes in the past. I have a variety of symptoms due to all the hallucinogenic drugs I used to take and my anxiety issues that have developed since my youth. The most noticeable symptoms are my leaky penis which comes along with premature ejaculation. I have really low stamina when having sex. What can I do to help this?


Yes, mistakes from the past haunt us all. Some of us experimented with hallucinogenic drugs, some of us masturbated to the point of sexual dysfunction, and some of us just made the mistake of falling asleep at the frat party (it's amazingly difficult to wash permanent marker off of your forehead, just for your information). So no one's holding your mistakes against you, but I realize that actions have long-term consequences, so the question now is how to reverse the damage.

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses a Penis

Hallucinogenic drug use breeds nervous tendencies. And if you suffer from chronic anxiety to begin with, you can imagine that your stress hormones are going to be as uncontrollable as a gold digger at a millionaire convention (forgive the homespun metaphor). Stress hormones cause the sympathetic nerves to become overexcited, and unfortunately, those nerves are responsible for regulating the ejaculation valve.

In other words, nervous tendencies cause our parasympathetic nervous system to wreak havoc on your prostate, and that makes it very difficult to control your ejaculation. And I hate to tell you this, but your sex partner probably won't be comforted by the words, “You're just so beautiful...” As it turns out, women want to have orgasms, too (go figure).

Sealing the Leak

Premature ejaculation is extremely embarrassing, but you don't have to just live with it. You can take control of the matter. For starters, try to reduce the amount of stress in your life. I know, I know; it's easier said than done. But it can be done. It may be as simple as accepting your faults and allowing yourself to be imperfect. If you struggle with a chronic personality disorder or persistent anxiety, consider speaking with a qualified counselor. Meditation can also be extremely helpful.

Finally, there are a number of herbal remedies that can help you to relax long enough for a healthy sexual encounter. If you can get those nerves under control, even temporarily, you can enjoy stronger erections and less premature ejaculation. (TRY: Performance Anxiety Induced Premature Ejaculation Reducing Formula) Ingredients like Jujube, Licorice, Passion Flower and Schisandra help to promote stronger erections and more enjoyable sex. So if you start to feel the jitters when your partner turns up the mood music, you may want to consider an all-natural herbal relaxant. You'll have plenty of time to raise your heart rate when the lights go out.

What to do

Ways to Eliminate Stress & Reduce Performance Anxiety

Stress causes early ejaculation and many erectile dysfunctions by overexciting the sympathetic nerves, produce unhealthy stress hormones, and weakening the parasympathetic nerves controlling the ejaculation valve. Exposure to a long-term stressful...

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