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Keeping The Power Going Through The Night

He and his new girlfriend are all over each other, but he can't seem to hold up his end all the way. Why can't he make his erections last? Is there a solution? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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Am I just tired or need some rest? I am a 45 year old male and I recently got a new girlfriend and had sex. The first time was great, I performed and ejaculated normally without taking any erectile drugs, I don't want to get to that point yet. It has been a week and we have tried to have sex every day since but I am having a problem with maintaining my erections. I am able to ejaculate, just not keep my erections. What can be wrong with me or my penis? I just want my erections to last so I can enjoy sex with my new girlfriend.


A lot of guys refer to their penis as their “tool”. These are the kinds of guys who have all manner of projects around the house, usually have no room in the garage for vehicles because of all their equipment, and generally know how to repair or build quite a lot of stuff. They take pride in their work, keeping household appliances running smoothly and sometimes even hand-crafting a lot of gifts for family and friends. Likewise, they take pride in sexually satisfying the women in their lives, so when their “tool” lets them down, they tend to take it very personally.

So what could be going wrong? Let's take a look at how erections work to get a better idea.

Factory Specifications

Erections are formed when blood is forced into three tubes of spongy tissue inside your penis: the left and right corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum. They begin slightly earlier, when the parasympathetic neural network triggers the production and release of nitric oxide, which dilates your penile blood vessels and opens the valves. The blood gets captured and held in the tissue until the valves release it back into the rest of the bloodstream.

Field Breakdown

In your case, you may have a problem with either the flow of blood into your penis, or with the valves that keep it in your erection. Constrictions may occur due to plaque buildup on the walls of your arteries, physical compression from inflamed tissue surrounding them, or even a buildup of scar tissue . Every time you ejaculate, your penile blood vessels develop a small number of tiny leaks. If you give your penis enough time between ejaculations (say, a day or two), they can be repaired very easily. If you're too impatient, then new leaks may occur next to the unfinished repairs, requiring additional scar-tissue to build up.

Alternately, the wear and tear may have show up in your valves. Inflexible blood-vessel valves may be unable to establish a perfect seal to keep your blood where it belongs during an erection, and your body hasn't had the chance to finish fixing them.

Recommended Service Options

The simplest response is to go without ejaculations for about three solid weeks. If your girlfriend objects to that long of a dry spell, the healing process can still go on if you limit yourself to no more than one ejaculation every three or four days. (It might help if you explain that YOU are the one who cannot ejaculate, but you still can use your fingers and tongue and other toys to satisfy HER.) This will give your body time to finish the necessary repairs.

In the meantime, you can assist the process by increasing your dietary intake of zinc and B-vitamins; both critically necessary for tissue formation and regeneration. Properly-prepared oysters offer rich supplies of both. Red meat and toasted wheat germ can also build up your zinc supply, while eggs, dairy and leafy green vegetables can cover most of your B-vitamin needs.

You might also consider using a cock ring to keep the blood in your penis during sex. (SEE: Firmer Erections with Cock Rings). Experimenting with different brands and styles can become a part of your foreplay. Please follow the safety directions and take it off after no more than 30 minutes. Good luck!

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