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All Jacked Up – Premature Ejaculation Caused by Excessive Masturbation

Here’s an interesting case involving a man who has been playing with Mr. Happy too much, and as a result has lost the ability to orgasm when he wants too. How does he overcome this buzz-kill?

Case #: 1295


Most men with OCD experience a nervous tick. Some tap on doors, others perform eccentric rituals, and I, well, I masturbate. If I do not masturbate, I worry the day will turn out terrible. If I do not masturbate, I fear my partner will leave me. Hell, if I start to worry about any one issue for too long, I fear that my not masturbating will be the cause for the problem turning out bad. And I worry about a LOT of things. Now, I fear my masturbation issue has led to my current problem: premature ejaculation.


People just love to masturbate. It’s a natural source of fun and pleasure and it can be a source of relief and can help cope with stress and anxiety in this crazy modern world. At first, you can see the benefits of this almost magical experience. You felt energized and potent, and your libido seemed to be rocketing skyward into the stars. You could also last for hours before that almighty climactic orgasm.

Badly Drained

But then you started to say to yourself: “Wait a minute, if I can last this long before ejaculating; why not do so more than once in the same day?” So…you started reaching down all too eagerly for Mr. Happy several times per day, and amazingly it worked; you can do it time after time after time…Now what? You increase the volume of sessions and you’re having lots of fun until…crash!

Think of your body’s resources with regards to sex, as a giant battery. Every time you play with your member, it drains your battery a little at a time; the more sexy-time that your have, the less battery power you have. Back in the day when you began masturbating you had a full battery, but now since you’ve been ejaculating too often, you’ve caused damage to your parasympathetic nervous system.

This important function controls not only when you want to release urine into the toilet but it also holds back your seminal fluids, enabling you to have more pleasure before you ejaculate. Now that you’ve thrown it out of whack, you’ve broken this valve and can’t control when you want to orgasm. So how do you repair it?

Seize Back Control

Stop masturbating for a while. How long? Well long enough until you regain your ability to ejaculate when you want to. When you do return to it, masturbate at a lower frequency, 3-4 times a week is normal, and definitely not every day. Take up another hobby or begin a new diet consisting of healthy, whole foods, which can replenish your weakened body of vital nutrients.

Taking a natural healing supplement can really get you on the right track by providing hormones critical to healthy sexual function, such as serotonin, GABA, DHT, and dopamine. (SEE: Ejaculatory Nerve Control Herbal Formula) Not only that, but they can also repair your sympathetic nervous system and also alleviate any performance anxiety problems that have resulted in premature ejaculation. Once your plumbing is fixed, you’ll be able to orgasm when you want to again instead of being a one or two minute wonder, so get some natural healing power!

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