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A 74 year-old man is ready to start a second sex life

A 74 year-old man is suffering from eye floaters, ear ringing, erectile dysfunction, and semen production disorder.

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I am 74 yrs-old with deteriorating eye and ears. I have recently developed moderate floaters in both of my eyes and mild tinnitus for both ears for a while. Even though I have smoked over 40 years, my doctor told me my lungs are still fine. The only problem is that I can’t get hard erection anymore. Whenever I do get an erection it is not very firm and I ejaculate little or no semen. After my wife past away, I thought that erection or not really does not concern me. But after I met a very attractive woman last week, I really want to get my erection and semen back. Tried different erection drugs that doctor prescribed me, but none of them can help me stay hard.


Eye floater, tinnitus, and weak erection are often experienced by many seniors are the result of natural age deterioration and sexual exhaustion. At the same token, there are plenty of seniors are enjoying sexual activity vigorously at their golden years. However, given your age and the way you beat yourself up with smoking all those years, aging arteries, low level of testosterone, and depletion of DHEA are the factors behind your adrenal fatigue and neurological burnout similar to what happens with too much sex or masturbation.

Quit smoking is a good start of your second sex life. Taking nutrients such as vinpocentine, fish oils, and panax ginseng can help you boost your prostaglandin E-1 and E-3, oxytocin and nitric oxide production for stronger erections.

Furthermore, your ejaculation problems are like the result of an unhealthy prostate. Prostate gland enlargement may be attributed to changes in the ratio of male hormone (testosterone) and female hormone (estrogen) levels, stimulating the prostate to grow. It can also be caused by poor diet and lack of exercise. Prostate gland enlargement varies in severity among men and does not always pose a problem. Only about half the men with prostate gland enlargement experience signs and symptoms that become noticeable or bothersome enough for them to seek medical treatment. It is important to note, however, that prostate gland enlargement is not related to the development of prostate cancer. Concentrated Saw Palmetto, Selenium, and Cnidium are helpful for your prostate and seminal vesicle for more sperm production.

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