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Alleviating Premature Ejaculation Symptoms to Improve Sexual Livelihood

He believes his Bowel incontinence is directly related to Premature Ejaculation.

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I am the atypical male. Most men complain about being unable to last 10 minutes or more during sex. Even fewer can last less than 5 minutes. Well, for me, even the slightest touch of an attractive female can cause me to ejaculate. A hug, kiss on the cheek, even holding hands with an attractive female can be enough to over stimulate my body. To say I prematurely ejaculate is an understatement. I ejaculate on contact of a woman. Reading the site, I notice a linked between urinary incontinence and premature ejaculation. Could the same link be said for bowel incontinence?


Bowel incontinence and premature ejaculation share no common link. Despite what you may feel, no scientific evidence exist between the two matters. Instead, a weakened parasympathetic nerve causes your premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation can occur for a multitude of reasons, but in your case, it may be due to the parasympathetic nerve. Other possible factors may include performance anxiety or excessive masturbation. However, these factors do include additional tests to prove that indeed they are the causes.

Damage to The Parasympathetic Nerve

The parasympathetic nervous system controls your body’s rest, digest, and defecate systems. However, damage to these nerve endings can alter the body’s ability to produce the necessary serotonin levels needed to controls an ejaculation. When the body cannot digest food properly, it cannot extract the necessary nutrients. When nutrients go missing, your body starts to experience a multitude of problems, including a lack of serotonin and a heightened state of sensitivity to your penis. A weak parasympathetic nervous function and a weak serotonin modulation will trigger premature ejaculation. Why? Because serotonin helps stymie the opening of the ejaculation valve, the neurotransmitter can minimize the chances of an ejaculation. When little serotonin is present to stop the opening of an ejaculation valve, you will ejaculate prematurely.

Minimizing The Chances of P.E.

For someone in your position, your first objective is to increase the serotonin levels and improve the parasympathetic nervous system. By enhancing these bodily functions, you can start to notice better control over your ejaculations. But how do you improve these bodily functions? All-natural supplements, such as Climax Control Herbs that will help improve the parasympathetic nervous system while enhancing the production of serotonin for your body to stymie an ejaculation.

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