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Male Infertility - Caused by Poor Sperm Mobility

Another possible cause of male infertility is the inability of sperm to move and swim freely. This is known as

poor sperm “mobility” or “motility.”

When a sperms’ speed and quality of movement is hindered, it is unable to penetrate and fertilize a woman’s egg. Such inert activity of sperm can be a major cause of perceived sterility.

A semen analysis may be performed to determine which factors are affected in any given infertility case; sperm count, concentration, volume, and mobility are all considered. When it is clear that the root of the problem is, in fact, poor sperm mobility, applicable steps are taken to assess the magnitude of the impediment.
There is what is known as a “Motility Grade” system that encompasses details of mobility, and divides the characteristics into four categories. In the first, sperm fail to move forward, or at all. This is the poorest of the four, least likely to achieve conception.  In the second, the sperm simply move too slowly. They may wiggle their tales, but without any forward momentum. The third grade indicates that though the sperm move forward, they do so in a non-linear, or crooked manner. The fourth stage is known as “Motility A” and is ideal; the sperm swim forward in a strong, straight pattern.

Sperm Motility Grade

Grade A (Fast Progressive Motility)

Healthy sperms that have progressive motility, moving fast in a straight line, like guided missiles.

Grade B (Slow Progressive Motility)

Healthy sperms with moving tails, but swimming either in a curved or crooked line. It's labeled 'non-progressive' motility, as they do not move forward despite the fact that they move their tails.

Grade C (Nonprogressive Motility)

Unhealthy sperm with moving tails, swimming slowly either in a curved or crooked line. Not moving forward, local motility only.

Grade D (Immotile )

Unhealthy sperm without any, or just the slightest, movement.

No matter what category ones’ sperm mobility falls under, falling short of Motility Grade A is no longer a problem and is, in fact, treatable. Though fertility drugs have had a high success rate in treating mobility issues, many prefer the natural remedies that are available, as they are also quite effective. Natural products can aid greatly in increasing the ATP bio-energy utilization that enables sperm to move faster and survive well, even in different pH levels. Such reactions actually serve to increase male fertility

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