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The Big Fade – Jacking Your Junk Too Much Can Lead to Trying to Remember Your Own Name

Memory loss is usually associated with aging, but did you know that over-masturbation can also cause it as well? Here we find one such person going through this unwanted side-effect right now...

Case #: 1870


I’m a newly single 34 year-old man and I’ve been looking for a partner recently. I normally masturbate up to three times per day, but met a really hot chick at coffee shop a few days ago and we hit it off. After exchanging numbers I went home and started jacking while fantasizing about having sex with her.

For some reason, the more I played with myself, the less detail I recall about what she looks like. Now, I really only know that she’s female and has a nice body but that’s about it. I also never saved her name in my cellphone and forgot her name as well. What seems to be going on with me?


Mark had big plans for his date with Sally. They’d recently met at a concert and taken down each other’s contact information. Now, Mark ran around his apartment like a madman trying to make sure everything was spotless; he didn’t want to appear like a slob.

Fade Away

Since they’d both been engaged in lots of heavy flirting, talking about what they were going to do to each other sexually (over the phone), Mark was pretty certain that they’d be doing the horizontal mambo later on that night. Anticipating this, he’d taken a break from his rigorous masturbatory schedule for the occasion since he wanted to provide her with a proper splashdown.

He paused several times while trying to clean his apartment. First, he couldn’t remember what time she said she’d be over (major detail!) and then he couldn’t recall what she’d told him she liked to drink. Was is vodka…or did she mention brandy? He didn’t want to appear like an inattentive goofball so he ran to the local liquor store and got both.

A short while later and Sally arrived. They could barely keep each other’s hands off of one another throughout the dinner he’d prepared, and soon enough they were in his bedroom getting undressed.

Sally looked at Mark, who was feverishly tossing his clothes to the ground.

“Mark, so you said when we met that you’d never dated a girl with my name before.”

Mark looked furtive…squinting his eyes as if in brief thought. “Yeah hun, so let me help you get off those panties,” he said while reaching over toward her waistline.

Then it came: “And what’s my name again?”

Doh! He’d forgotten that already as well. Strange mumbling noises started emanating from Mark’s mouth as Sally quickly put her clothes back on and stormed out of the door. Mark slumped onto his bed, resigned to the fact that he’d be masturbating again that night.

Brain Drainage

Excessive masturbation can drain your body’s supply of androgen hormones as well as neurochemicals within your brain. When this happens, prostaglandin E-2 and stress levels can spike, triggering blood vessels to constrict and platelets to accumulate. This can inhibit focus, memory, and concentration.

Clearing Out the Cobwebs

In order to get back on track, consider taking an herbal solution. These mixtures contain powerful botanicals such as Sacha Inchi, which can dilate and expand the veins within the cerebral cortex. (SEE: Mental Exhaustion Recovery Remedy) This in turn can both boost cerebral metabolism as well as blood flow within the brain.

A more efficient brain which can transport vital neurochemicals, oxygen, and glucose, to places that need them can improve your concentration and memory. With this new focus and awareness you can prevent embarrassing situations like our friend Mark tripped into, while also providing you with better overall moods!

What to do

Mental Burnout & Exhaustion Remedy

If you suffer from mood swings, low sex drive and depression, Mental Burnout & Exhaustion Remedy may provide your body with the essential nutrients you need to kick start neurotransmitter production.

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