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He Can't Hold It, It's Cumming Faster Than He Anticipated

Sexual intimacy has become barely possible for this man and his wife. For reasons unknown, his ejaculation consistently fires off too quickly. Can he rebuild his sexual intimacy? Does he have what it takes? Read on, get the facts, and find out!

Case #: 1726


I have a problem controlling my ejaculation. Whenever my wife and I have sex I cum really early, it doesn't take me more than 15 seconds to cum. If we keep trying to have sex again after I cum it will be the same thing over and over. This has really hurt me because I am not able to provide my wife with what she wants and she also feels sorry for me. She is the best because even though I have a problem, she has tried to help me fix my issue many times but we have not had success. Am I the only person in the world dealing with this problem? If I'm not then what's the way to fix this? I don't want to put my wife or I through this any longer.


Most sexual education sources will provide considerable details about the mechanics of pregnancy. And some will also include details about erections and ejaculation. Very few will openly discuss malfunctions in the process, except for sexually transmitted diseases. Cultural pressure against discussing sex for any reason, let alone dysfunctions, also contributes to the feelings of isolation and self-condemnation that you demonstrate.

Rest assured that every sexually active male has experienced premature ejaculation (“P.E.”) at least a few times in his life, usually attributable to 'just having an off-day'. Persistent experience of P.E. represents a problem, to be sure, but it is neither unique nor untreatable. Please take comfort in the fact that men have suffered from it throughout history, which in turn means that there have been millions of man-hours and uncountable quantities of resources spent on addressing the issue. Let's take a look at the possible causes and see what might help you with your case.

Faster... Too Fast!

Prior to your marriage, you may have masturbated, and you may have done so under circumstances where you felt it necessary to ejaculate as quickly as possible. Now that you have a willing sexual partner, your previous self-pleasuring training works against you. Your wife's willingness to keep trying does her credit, but unfortunately the old adage of “if at first you don't succeed, try, try again” can only serve to reinforce your current lightning-fast ejaculations.

Also, when the problem has arisen in the past and caused emotional distress, your mind may create further stress in anticipation of another failure, which creates even more stress. You therefore create a self-perpetuating, even self-reinforcing, cycle of failure that cannot be changed by simply doing the same thing again.

Other possibilities include medical problems like an enlarged prostate or high blood pressure. Weakness of the pubococcygeus muscle, which controls the flow of urine and contributes to orgasms, may also contribute.

You Can Rebuild It

The first and most important part of treating premature ejaculation is to give your penis about three ejaculation-free weeks to recuperate. If that's too long to go without ejaculation, see if you can limit yourself to no more than one every three or four days, which will allow the tissue to start regenerating.

During the 'hospitalization' period, you might experiment with adjusting your diet and exercise regimen. Zinc and B-vitamins are critical building-blocks in growing or repairing tissue. Properly-prepared oysters offer excellent supplies of both, as do crab and lobster. Beef, toasted wheat germ and flax seeds provide zinc; whole-grains, various meats and green vegetables contain different proportions of the eight vitamins in the B-vitamin grouping. Do your own research to find foods that suit your tastes.

Engage in a moderate exercise program, including Kegels. The practice increases your body's testosterone levels, which supports tissue growth and fuels your erections. It also reduces your weight, increases your general stamina and improves your self-confidence, all of which adds up to improved performance in the bedroom.

You might also consider using a skin-desensitizing product. (TRY: Herbal Desensitizer for Elongated Ejaculation) The array of products described on this page will still allow you to become erect, but will reduce the effect of external stimulation. This may help slow your ejaculation process without damaging your erections or causing impotence.

I encourage you to keep your health-care provider informed about your symptoms, as well as the solutions you employ to address them. An expert's opinion on your progress as well as any adjustments to the whole regimen may mean the difference between early success and causing further damage. Good luck!

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