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Reefer Badness – Problems Associated With Chronic Masturbation and Heavy Marijuana Use

A gentleman started a natural healing program and saw positive results sooner than expected. However, he is still concerned about getting a hard erection in the morning hours and wants to check in with us. Let’s examine his progress and current state.

Case #: 576


For the past two and a half months, I've been using some of products from the solutions. I am seeing that my sensitivity is slowly returning to my penis, and my erections remain hard after an ejaculation. My blood sugar is much lower, and I have lost 15 pounds. I'm not seeing any morning erections yet, but I can get one with a little stimulation. I am very pleased with my progress so far! I was informed that it would take six or12 months to recover after abuse to pot and high-blood-pressure medications. When can I expect to see my morning erections return?


Burnt Out

All men at one time or another experience a weak erection; it’s normal. Men, like professional athletes, have “an off day.” However, in your situation, it has become more of a chronic condition. Your weak erections are caused not just because you haven’t given your penis a proper break, but also because of the well-known correlation between diabetes and low testosterone.

Remember seeing that silly “Reefer Madness” film? Well, while it was a pretty high-strung piece of societal propaganda, it may have had a few grains of truth to it, especially with regards to your sex life at least. Your past marijuana use has altered your brain’s chemistry, and even though you treated yourself to that old THC rush, your body raised its prostaglandin E-2 levels, which resulted in less blood flow and circulation. This chemistry alteration has affected the size of your penis, numbness and strength.

You’re on the Right Path

So what do we do about these issues? Right away, you’ll want to take a break from masturbation for three weeks and to let your body begin its recovery process. Starting a new, healthier diet and engaging in a regular exercise program can boost your blood circulation, but also help you lose pounds. Medical diabetes prescriptions can cause some unwanted side-effects, including penile nerve and blood vessel damage as well as complications with your blood flow.

Staying on your current program should allow you to reduce your diabetes medication greatly (by 50 percent), thereby increasing your body’s blood flow and circulation. You may to take Botanical Formula for Erection Rejuvenation to help you along in your recovery.

These powerful botanicals boost the chemicals that enable the body to produce an erection. We’re talking about promoting testosterone for your sex drive, and nitric oxide to stimulate your penis for proper hardness of your erection. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you back to those exciting, spontaneous, morning erections!

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