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He Wants To Cum More Quickly

A veteran masturbator finds that he ejaculates quickly on his own, but blowjobs take much longer and leave his circumcision scar phenomenally sensitive. How can he ejaculate more quickly during sex? What's going on? Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do if you face a similar situation.

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I am a 21 year old male, no known problems. I masturbate regularly (3-4 times daily for the past 10 years), and haven’t had much sex. Maybe on 3 or 4 occasions at most. I do however get a lot of blowjobs. Anyhow, for a long while, I haven’t been able to orgasm inside a girl or with her oral stimulation. Usually, if the girl tries really hard for an hour or so, I Might orgasm. Though manually, I can orgasm quickly, my loads aren’t that big. As for during blowjobs, the underside of the glans penis is not as sensitive as most literature might reveal, however the ridge of skin right under the top surface of the penis right is very sensitive. to the point that when I orgasm, my leg muscles cramp and I don’t want anything to touch my penis head anymore. if you need any more info, please do ask. All I want is a normal sexual life, where I can orgasm relatively quickly (10 minutes or so rather than the usual 45 minutes or longer it takes when with a girl).


It's said that it takes 21 days to establish or break a habit. Since you established your masturbatory habits quite a while ago and have spent years reinforcing them, you may have to do some work to break the old habit and establish a new pattern more to your liking.

Alone Versus Assisted

You've trained your penis and brain to respond to your self-stimulation very quickly, which is quite different from the experience of a woman's mouth or genitals. For example, when engaged in sexual activities with a woman, most men can ejaculate/orgasm in about five minutes or less, but the ladies will usually require at least ten or fifteen minutes.

It's Not Your (Little) Head, It's Your (Big) Head

From a physiological perspective, you have “set the grooves” of what reactions sexual stimulation will produce in your body, and the longer you engage in the same set patterns, the more difficult it will be to change them. It's very similar to a soldier who has been thoroughly trained in how to field-strip his firearm: your neural networks and your glands, not to mention your brain, have all gone through the exact same sequence of triggers so many times that the entire process takes place with incredible speed.

Psychologically, it is possible that you have a misconception about how long sex is “supposed” to take. If you started masturbating in your teens, you probably had to work hard and fast to finish before someone caught you. That established the pattern for how you have been thinking about sex for the last ten years, and you have not given yourself a lot of opportunities to change that.

Ring Of Fire

The “ridge of skin right under the top surface of the penis” sounds like you are describing your circumcision scar. Traditional opinions to the contrary, the foreskin is anything but a “useless flap”. This article will help explain what it is in greater detail, but for purposes of this study, all you need to know is that your circumcision scar contains many still-active and very sensitive nerves. Your discomfort probably stems from “forcing” your orgasms past your body's resistance.

You are probably familiar with “premature ejaculation”, in which a guy ejaculates with minimal stimulation. However, you might have the opposite problem, clinically known as “male orgasm disorder”, which makes it very difficult for you to achieve orgasm under normal circumstances. This is most often caused by low testosterone levels, which in turn is the result of your excessive sexual activities.

Getting Therapy, Getting Better

Psychologically, you may be in a rut. Even if all four of your previous sexual encounters used a different position, you probably didn't really figure out whether you like that position or not. We suggest that you explore other sexual positions over a span of time to really decide if it works for you, and then add to your repertoire. It's a lot like learning how to cook eggs: you may know how to make 'em over easy better than anyone, but what if you need to poach them, or cook an omelet? Try a simple variant of your old reliable blowjob, or look around the site for some other ideas.

Your best bet for improving your situation from a physiological standpoint is to speak with a health-care provider, but we can suggest that your orgasm difficulties may stem from low testosterone levels, resulting from over-masturbation. You have several options available for raising them. Engage in a moderate exercise program three to four days per week. Eat more fresh cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli, and more nuts like raw pumpkin seeds or pine nuts. You should also eat more foods with lots of zinc and B-complex, such as tofu and eggs and whole-grain breads. You might also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement, (SEE: Sexual Exhaustion Remedy for Excessive Habits) designed specifically to address the damage your body is experiencing from your frequent sexual activities.

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