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Has the Driver's License Expired on Your Sex Drive?

Like many aging men, he was experiencing the trials and tribulations of testosterone depletion and lost libido. What can be done about this all-too common reality? Find out.

Case #: 810


My past problem of painful prostate several years ago is gone. I have been healthy for more than 2 years now. Your formula healed me in about a 1-year time span. Thank you!

I now have normal sex and no pain, but my sex drive has lessened. I have been taking dietary supplements for several years. I need to order the right products to increase my sex drive. I am in great shape and take no medicines. I do not smoke or drink. How can I increase my sex drive and have stiffer erections? Thank you for all your help.


You're getting older, and like many aging men, you're experiencing the cruel reality of testosterone depletion. It's bad enough that you have to deal with growing aches and pains, worry about your rising blood pressure and contend with the stupid kids who won't get off your lawn (only kidding about that last one!), but now you're watching your weak libido sink like the Titanic. But if only your penis had as much wood as the Titanic. The solution here—as you have probably already deduced—is to improve your testosterone level. But how do we do that?

Testosterone – It's What's for Dinner

You probably already know that testosterone is the hormone that regulates your libido and allows you to achieve and maintain rock hard erections, but perhaps you didn't know that once you hit 35 years of age, your testosterone level begins to decrease by about 1 percent every year. That might not sound like much on the surface, but think of it this way: By 45, you've lost 10 percent, and by 55, you've lost 20 percent, or one-fifth. And we tend to take for granted just how important testosterone is. It doesn't just turn our penises into raging volcanoes. It regulates everything from the growth of facial hair to the deepening of our voices.

There are some practical ways that you promote testosterone production. For instance, light weight training can help to slow the sands of time. You may also want to get rid of the dietary supplements and just focus on eating nutritious whole foods. I would also recommend foods with plenty of zinc, such as chuck roast, lobster, yogurt and organic lots of fruits and vegetables. Keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum, and try to maintain a healthy body weight.

When Lifestyle Habits Just Aren't Enough

The aforementioned recommendations can go a long way, but sometimes, nature just needs a helping hand. And what better to supplement nature than with more of nature? With that in mind, I would recommend a natural herbal solution containing Fo Ti, Deer Antler, Schisandra and Tribulus. (SEE: Testosterone Herbal Booster) These solutions have been shown in clinical studies to promote testosterone production. Before too long, you just might experience the kinds of erections and urges that made your life a living hell when you were in high school. Or...failing that, you should experience a much more fulfilling sex life.

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