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Limp Penis? Saggy Penis? Reach for the Super-Solution That Can Transform You into Captain Hard-on

This case involves a man who has seen greener pastures, erection strength-wise. His girlfriend has now left because of his limp member and he wants to know how he can recover…
Case #: 2030

I used to have rock-hard boners in my teens and throughout my 20s, but for some reason I now have lackluster, saggy erections (if you can call them that).

My girlfriend got tired of it and won’t see me until I get my penis problem worked out. Are there any natural products I can take to rectify this situation? I don’t want to try penis pumps or cock rings since they sound iffy.
Carly was in Jake’s bed, and had been confident that she could solve his weakened wiener problems. She touched it, she sucked it, she jerked it, she even whipped out a flute and attempted to snake charm it to life. Nothing had worked and now she lay next to him with a dark cloud over her head.
There was only one thing for Jake left to do; he reached over and grabbed his cellphone. After dialing his friend, an intrepid reporter at the Daily Bungle newspaper whom he knew was secretly Captain Maca, he calmly settled back into bed and hugged Carly assuredly.
The Transformation

Minutes later, there was a tapping at the bedroom window, and Jake opened it. Suddenly, Captain Maca flew in.
“If a soft penis is that you fear, Captain Maca is here!” With that, the caped crusader produced an herbal formula into Jake’s hands as a stunned Carly looked on. As the superhero flew off, Jake gulped down the herbs and then smiled.
Carly gazed on in amazement as the sheets began to rise around where Jake’s groin, eventually resembled a tent. The neighbors would later complain about too much loud sexual screaming and bed-creaking.
Cause & Effect

As silly as the above scenario may seem, many men who experience erectile dysfunction and it’s no laughing matter. Numerous factors may be at play with regards to not being able to produce a proper hard-on. Stress, obesity, getting older (and a loss of testosterone), over-masturbation and/or too much sex, or drug and alcohol abuse, can all inhibit a man’s erection quality, resulting in having something that looks like a soggy breadstick.
Not only can this be a potential buzzkill for guys who are trying to hook up for the first time with a woman, it can also spell doom for existing relationships since chicks will usually bolt for the door after beholding a noodle penis. So how can a man avoid this entire calamity in the first place?
All-Natural Super-Solution

Men can do the real-world equivalent to calling Captain Maca and invest in a powerful botanical remedy that contains Maca. (TRY: Maca for Bigger Stronger Erections) Originally from the jungles of Peru, Maca is a super-herb that has long been used by the natives for increasing erection strength, and now it’s available to you.
Maca is a potent aphrodisiac which simultaneously triggers sparks within a man’s mind and body. This herb can help to:

  • Retain more blood in the spongy blood chambers within the penis
  • Rid the body of harmful toxins which negatively impact erection quality
  • Promote enhanced blood circulation
  • Provide a greatly increased sense of penile stimulation

While you may not have a superhero in your hip pocket like Jake does in the comic book realm, get the equivalent here in the real world with Maca-power and transform your sex life!

What to do

From Limp to Maca Strong

She tugs on it. She kisses it.

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