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Hair Loss–Over Masturbation and Thinning Hair

Here’s a case study involving a gentleman that has been taking topical steroids in an attempt to stop his sudden hair loss,but it’s not working.Is there an alternative path to not only stopping his hair loss,but also promoting hair growth?



Hello again!Lately I have been having problems with the hair on my head.I have a little bald spot which is slightly bigger than a nickel.I noticed it last month.I've been using topical steroids but to no avail,and people tell me it's from too much stress.My sex life is good thanks to the viapal products but I really can’t understand how I can have a bald spot all this time.What can I do to help the hair grow back because it looks ugly?


I was at a movie theater last week watching a movie with some friends and a group of girls were sitting in front of us.Some cheesy looking guy came on the screen with over a hair sprayed bushy mane which looked like some sort of wig…I mean;you could hardly see his forehead.One of the girls in front of us made some sort of bizarre moaning noise which sounded somewhat similar to that of a ovulating sea lion(don’t ask me how I know that)in heat,and then said:“Oooo his hair is sexy.”

Oooo Hot!

Later on,I mentioned this to a female friend of mine,and asked her if she would consider dating a guy who is balding or thinning up top.She said(in a typically indecisive manner):“Not really…well,I mean if he’s really hot,but…no.I mean if he did I probably wouldn’t date him…well unless…”You get the picture.So then I mentioned Jason Statham,she made that same strange warbling sound that the girl in the theater did,and said:“Ooooo,he’s hot I’d do him!”

Jason Statham has extreme male pattern baldness.

So what’s the point here?It doesn’t really matter what others think of you.Being comfortable with who you are goes a long way.But,I understand the anxiety associated with hair loss and the desire to not only save what you have,but grow some back.

Excessive masturbation has caused your body to produce too much DHT,and this overabundance of it is blocking off your hair follicles,causing hair loss.Not only that,but every time that you masturbate without giving your body proper time to rest and recovery in-between sessions,your body releases numerous stress hormones that result in a spike in prostaglandin E-2,which then causes inflammation within your body as well as constricting the blood flow to your scalp.You can also lose sleep as a result of your pineal gland not secreting enough melatonin,further wearing out your system and causing problems with your hormonal levels.So what’s the solution?

Natural Path

Stop all sexual activity for 3 weeks and take up something healthy such as cardiovascular exercise,which can help to increase your blood flow and circulation naturally.Working out can also help to reduce your stress levels.

One thing that can really get you back on track it taking a natural herbal supplement.These potent mixtures can not only help to alleviate your DHT levels,but can also calm your body’s inflammation and decrease the constriction of your blood vessels by lowering your prostaglandin E-2.(TRY:Natural Formula for Hair Follicle Regrowth)This not only helps to increase blood circulation to your scalp but also provides your hair follicles with the proper nutrients that they need in order to promote hair restoration and growth.This wholistic healing process is long-term but it can work.This is a pragmatic and natural solution that takes some time,but what quick-fix have you ever heard of that works?Invest in yourself.

What to do

Herbal Hair Loss Solution&Hair Follicle Regrowth

Improve hair growth by eliminating DHT buildup.If you have been masturbating for years,Herbal Hair Loss Solution&Hair Follicle Regrowth can help regrow your dead hair follicles.

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