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Lasting Longer and Ejaculating More

He wishes to improve his endurance to pleasure his fiancé better.

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I am a healthy 34-year-old male, but my sexual endurance seems non-existent. When I engage in intercourse with my fiancé, I about 5 minutes--If I am lucky. I know my endurance will be an issue for my wife-to-be, especially if she cannot release her sexual frustration. As a man, I want to please her—and I want to start in the bedroom. Aside from my lack of endurance, I notice that when I do ejaculate, my semen production seems low. Could my problem be caused by years of masturbation?


Yes, years of over-masturbation could very well have caused your current premature ejaculation problem and low semen production. Over-masturbation causes the body to lose valuable hormones and neurotransmitters essential to sexual function. When you engage in too much masturbation, your body becomes unstable and unable to perform sexually.

The Effects of P.E.

Because the brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic and serotonin nervous functions are destroyed during over-masturbation, the brain engages in a "fight or flight" response, resulting in premature ejaculation. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for controlling mood, becomes depleted during masturbation. Once depleted, the neurotransmitter begins to cause premature ejaculation problems because it cannot impede an ejaculation. Once serotonin is depleted, the sympathetic nervous function takes over the parasympathetic nervous function and starts to cause weak erection, which too can cause P.E.

As for your semen production, over-masturbation drains your brain and spinal neurochemicals responsible for semen production. Once these levels become drained, you start to notice lower semen production.

Correcting Your Problems

To start, refrain from any type of sexual activity. No porn. No sex. No masturbation. Learn ways to increase serotonin.You will need to abstain from sexual activity to allow your body to balance itself. By refraining from any sexual activity, your hormones and neurotransmitter will stabilize. As your body stabilizes, you may want to take herbal supplements to strengthen your ejaculation valve to prevent premature ejaculation from occurring as often.

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