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Does Premature Ejaculation Hinder The Chances of Impregnating A Woman?

As a married man, he wants to last longer in bed and find out if premature ejaculation diminishes his chances of procreating.

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I am a 28-year-old male and I have been married for 4 years. I continue to battle problems of premature ejaculation—for the last 10 years! My wife seems displeased. I feel embarrassed. Now, both she and I remain concern about our chances of procreating. Because of my sexual ineptitude, I feel me chances of having children are slim. I cannot last a while 30 seconds without ejaculating. My doctor says I have a common case of Prostatits. Could this be a concern? Please what’s wrong with me!


Regardless of how long you last in sex, you still ejaculate. Whether you last 20 minutes of an hour, semen is still released from the body. Remember, for a woman to become pregnant, she must be ovulating. A man’s sperm must then be present in order for it to fertilize the egg. Even with your premature ejaculation issues, you can still have children—just sex will not be as enjoyable—for her anyways. But your prostatits might change the pH level of your semen that decrease the survival rate inside the vagina.

Premature Ejaculation: The Problem

Pregnancy aside, P.E. still creates a problem—for both you and your wife. She will feel unsatisfied if you continue to ejaculate before you should. She will feel frustrated. She will be resentful. She may even decide to quit having sex all together. Sex is meant to be fun—and enjoyable. If only one individual is enjoying it, the partner will lose interest.

Aside from personal enjoyment, premature ejaculation is a problem a couple must face together. Because you have Prostatitis, it seems your inflamed prostate is causing the sudden urge to ejaculate thanks to the low levels of DHT in the body. DHT, a bodily hormone, prevents the double bonding of testosterone. For men, the lack of double bonding can lead to premature ejaculations.

Taking Action

Premature ejaculation not only ruins relationships, but it also traumatizes a man’s mind. Men feel self-conscious. Men feel as if their egos have been damaged. Men even start to feel depressed about the lack of endurance. Take herbs to fix your inflammed prostate and strengthen ejaculatory nerves for better ejaculation control.

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11/19/2023 5:46:00 PM
That is some really serious problems with premature ejaculation. I am sure you will be able to have kids it will probably just be a little bit harder and may take longer. But don't let anything kill your motivation. Look for solutions to help your prostatitis. That might be a big problem giving you premature ejaculation.

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