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A Wise Choice for Penis Enlargement: The Dos and Don’ts for Growing Your Penis

Here's a guy who has survived using other tools to lengthen his penis, and has now decided to use an all-natural product to get the results he wants. If you're trying to take the sensible, careful route to a bigger penis, read on to get the facts and see what you can do.

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I want to enlarge my penis the natural way. I’ve tried the pumps and creams, but I believe that all-natural products would better suit my lifestyle. However, I am worried that some of these products may not actually work the way they should. What can I take to ensure I experience a length increase?


Humanity, both males and females, are frequently obsessed with getting “just a little bit more” of almost everything they can imagine. In some cases, this is fairly easy: to get just a little bit more money, you work a little harder or get another job or cut down on unnecessary expenses. But when it comes to our bodies, it's always been a challenge. Sure, we can exercise more to build muscle, but the penis can't be expanded that way. Man has spent uncountable millions of work-hours (not to mention uncountable millions of dollars) on researching ways to make his penis larger... and found many solutions that either do not work, or do not work permanently, or do more damage than they treat or “cure”.

History of “More”

Penis pumps can leave bruises on the inside and outside of the penis, and frequently their results leave the patient unable to get any kind of erection at all for up to 48 hours after the initial effect wears off. Creams reduce your sensation, and therefore your pleasure. Surgery is expensive, risky and does not fit your “natural” criteria, so you are best served with pursuing the herbal supplement and non-invasive technique strategies.

Quick Look Under The Hood

Sometimes called your “third leg”, your penis has neither muscles nor bones in it. Your erection is established and maintained by a complex series of neurological and biochemical/hormonal events. The erection itself requires hydraulic pressure of blood pumped into your corpus spongiosum and corpus cavernosum and kept there long enough for you to ejaculate. Therefore, an important part of the enlargement process is to improve blood circulation in your penis.

For what it's worth, many studies, both scientific and informal, point out that the ladies prefer width over length, as a thicker penis will offer greater vaginal/clitoral stimulation. But as you have requested information specifically requested information about increasing your length, here it is. Key hormones that keep your erection healthy and reliably coming back for more include Human Growth Hormone (HGH), testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and acetylcholine; a critical chemical is nitric oxide. Note that while you can find supplements of these hormones, your smartest move is to enhance your body's ability to manufacture them on its own. Nitric oxide is very different from nitrous oxide in a number of ways, most importantly in that nitrous oxide does not have any effect on maintaining your erection, so don't bother reaching for the engine booster.

The Wise Choice

Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth will offer many all-natural ingredients to assist this process. It offers many nutritional building-blocks that your body needs to help manufacture the critical hormones and chemicals mentioned above, as well as assists with dissolving any scar tissue that may have built up inside your penis' blood vessels. (SEE: Penis Enlargement Formula) Be advised, however, that this stuff is the “slow and steady” route: you will see lasting changes, but they'll build up over time.

While you wait for the supplements to take effect, please research some of tested and approved penile-enhancing techniques, such as Penile Ballooning and X-Spot Massage. With gentle discipline and careful attention, your penis will soon achieve the size you desire, and with far fewer side effects or long-term damage than with other options.

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