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Can your PSA level Really Be Affected by Masturbation?

my PSA increases temporarily if I ejaculate or masturbate. Anyways to reduce it?

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I suspect that masturbating increased my PSA level. I know my PSA increases temporarily if I ejaculate. Can any herbs lower my PSA levels?


If you are concerned about your PSA levels, you are familiar with the PSA test, its purpose and the reasons for having it done. As you know, the prostate specific antigen is the protein evaluated by that test, and its rise is due to irritation, infection or enlargement of the prostate gland.

To confirm your own self-diagnosis, the generation of semen can enlarge a prostate, and masturbation will cause the body to emit the antigen and raise your PSA level.

The History and Purpose of the PSA Test

My father passed away from prostate cancer, so I am well aware of how PSA levels can detect early warning signs of inflammation and cancer. However, a rise in PSA may only inflamed the prostate because of an overactive sex life or because of excess masturbation. Neither too much sex or excessive masturbation requires a PSA test.

PSA test measures the amount of PSA in your blood. I have no idea of your age but most men past age 50 are encouraged to have the test done to gauge the health of their prostates.

Sex, Masturbation and PSA levels

Since masturbation increases your PSA level, as well as the act of having sex with a partner, and neither of these involve cancer, rising PSA levels does not mean you are sick at all. During both, your gland will expand as the prostate fills with semen and therefore your PSA level will naturally rise as well. It will also fall just as normally.

However, if that does not lower your serum levels as much as you would like, those levels may be due to a high level of dihydrotestosterone or DHT in your blood. DHT is what testosterone is converted into when you masturbate or have sex with a partner. Too high a level of DHT can lead to an enlarged prostate and thus higher PSA levels.

What To Do?

Take All-natural Herbs: Saw Palmetto reduces the inflammation produced by an enlarged prostate. It does so quickly and painlessly. Patrinia, meanwhile, helps lower your DHT levels so that your testosterone level can return to normal...(see how it works)

Diet: A change in your diet will also reduce your PSA levels naturally. Foods strong in beta-carotene such as carrots, sweet potatoes and salmon as well as spinach, beets, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and pomegranate juice all lower PSA levels naturally.

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