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Is That a Rotting Fish Stick…Or…? Smelly Penis Issues

A woman is concerned about her sex partner’s smelly penis and even though she has been tested, she is too shy to talk to him about possible issues that he might need to address.

Case #: 1632


I started to notice a smell a long time ago and I went through every precaution to make sure that the smell wasn't coming from me because if it was, I would take care of it right away. The smell not only happens when he cums inside of me but it starts the minute ejaculation is brought into the picture. I have recently been tested and everything came back negative. I am only the second person he has ever had sex with. It's not something that just came out of nowhere but it has been increasing so badly that I try to avoid doing it with him. Once he is done I clean it off myself right way and if it's inside of me I go into the shower as soon as possible. Another thing, he is uncircumcised and the smell always seems to be coming from down there. When we do take shower together I see that he cleans that area really well and he'll even clean under the foreskin multiple times and I know it is super clean. I am afraid to bring it up to him directly and I haven't had the guts to ask the doctor about the situation. I am clean with no infections and have the tests to prove it. I know it isn't when our fluids mix so I am sure it's something to do with him. Is there anything out there that will help get rid of this smell?


Today’s society is one of unbridled hedonism and instant gratification. When it comes to sex, movies, TV, and advertising virtually never show two sex partners engaging in safe-sex. When was the last time you ever saw a man strap a condom on before sex in a major romance film? According to, most modern men prefer not to use condoms: "They wanted their partners to know that they were committed to the relationship," a study concludes, which might have to do with women badgering men into not using them in order to lock them down and feel loved.

Even if two people are married and not cheating, one or both of them can experience a problem downstairs such as a urinary tract infection (UTI). This is when bacteria travels up a man or woman’s urethra and infects the kidneys, bladder, and entire urethral passage. Yeast infections are also something that can develop from time to time.

A Fishy Prospect

However, it could just be a hygiene issue; just because he takes a shower in front of you does he keep his penis clean when you’re not around? Humans shed skin all throughout the day – up to a million cells – in order to help their bodies prevent skin infections and diseases.

Unfortunately, uncircumcised men (far more than circumcised ones) can suffer from exactly the opposite; as dead skin cells accumulate underneath their foreskins, along with bacteria. This can lead to the development of smegma; a thick, cheesy substance on the penis that smells like can smell like a rotting corpse. So what can he do to get things back on track and be stink-free once again?

Taking Care of Business – Your Health

First off, your (and his) health is more important than him being embarrassed by you asking him questions, so urging him to go and get checked out would be wise. After all, you did…right?

Whatever the cause (hopefully just a hygiene issue), having him take a botanical remedy can help to rid him of his smelly penis problems. (TRY: Penis Smell Be Gone Herbal Formula) What these potent mixtures can do is improve kidney and liver function, leading not only to the body being able to root out and eliminate waste and toxins from the body, but also alleviate excess dead skin cell build-up.

They can also halt metabolic processes which lead to nasty smells, as well as re-balance his pH levels. All of these factors can lead to those awful penis smells fading away and being a thing of the past. And just remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry; you should seriously consider using condoms in the future in order to prevent any problems. It’s your health, take care of it!

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