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Minimizing Precum Prolongs Sex

His premature ejaculation continues to cause him endurance issues.

Case #: 29307


During sex, I seem to exude an excessive amount of pre-cum. Just the sight of my girlfriend’s naked body causes me to leak out pre-cum. I know I get easily aroused, but my excessive pre-cum continues to weaken my endurance. I cannot last longer than 5 minutes thanks to the amount of pre-cum I leak out. I really enjoy sex. Heck, I love it! But my issue continues to hamper the experience for my girlfriend and me.


Think of pre-cum as a warning sign for the ensuing ejaculation. It’s a necessary evil needed to help a man ejaculate. Without it, the urethral/prostate nerves would not receive the necessary stimulation needed for an ejaculation. In your case, your body over stimulates the urethral/prostate nerves faster thanks to the added lubrication. This problem is often referred as Leaky Penis. To minimize the chances of an ejaculation, your body must see a reduction in pre-cum.

Easy on The Lube
Sex as one giant chemical process. Hormones become released to power an erection. Neurotransmitters convey messages between the brain and the penis, resulting in the control of ejaculations, erections, and stress levels. Blood vessels prepare to receive the necessary blood, while tissues in the penis prepare to stretch during the engorgement process. All of these chemical procedures are thanks in part to the brain and systems of neural networks inside the body. When these networks fail to produce the necessary responses or reactions, sexual dysfunctions start to occur.

In your case, the body does no produce enough serotonin to control the parasympathetic nervous function. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, controls mood and ejaculations. When its levels see a decrease, it cannot control the parasympathetic nervous function or impede the alpha-receptors from releasing an ejaculation.

Go Long!
In order to see an increase in your performance, you will want to see an increase in your serotonin levels. Once your levels return to normal, you will start to experience an increase in endurance levels. How do you increase your serotonin levels? By taking all-natural products infused with herbs known to modulate and increase the neurotransmitter effectively calm your hyperactive aroused ejaculatory nerves. These herbs will strengthen your ejaculation valve too, minimizing your desire for an ejaculation.

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