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Optometrist Refused to Believe His Eye Floaters are Caused by Over-Masturbation and Sexual Exhaustion

I see squiggly lines and now I see shades that look like dark clouds couple times after I ejaculated. I suspect I have suffered from sexual exhaustion due to very early onset of masturbation…

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I have seen an optometrist two times for many floaters in my vision. Both visits do not really help me substantially and was told that my eyes were fine. In fact, the doctor said some floaters are normal. The test result from Optos machine indicated my eyes are fine.

But my eyes are getting worse; I am seeing more floaters than before. Now it seems like they are all over. I suspect I have suffered from sexual exhaustion due to very early onset of masturbation experience. I see squiggly lines and now I see shades that look like dark clouds couple times after I ejaculated. Initially I thought that is a normal response to a release of pleasure, but now it has worsen. Is there anything I can take for this that will help them go away or am I just stuck with this problem? I don't even want to go outside anymore because it bothers me so much. I got some Lutein supplement from the doc, but don’t see any improvement yet.

Did You Know?
Oxidative stress can be induced by environmental chemical exposure, hormonal changes, drugs, radiation, and physiological exhaustion. Oxidative stress of ocular tissues (eye tissues) is the major culprit behind many eye problems such as glaucoma, cataract, uveitis, retrolental fibroplasias, and retinopathy which patients suffered from blurred vision to eye cancer.


It's very possible over masturbation & sexual exhaustion could be the culprit here. Your problem is due to a disorder of the retina, the inner layer of the eye where your rod and cone light receptors are located. Your retina contains many inter-neurons that process optical signals before passing them back to the brain. Your eye floater problem generally is due to the deficiency of cGMP, nitric oxide or acetylcholine in your rod visual sensory nerves and long-term exposure to the oxidative stress. [1]

Coincidentally, these same deficiencies occur in cases of nervous erectile disorder. For that reason, your retina disorder could have been brought on because of over-masturbation or over-ejaculation. Other causes are liver function disorders, a poor diet that lacks nitric oxide and acetylcholine precursors, drug abuse, or excessive dopamine-norepinephrine-adrenalin conversion.

I would recommend you stop masturbating for a few weeks. Let your body rest and replenish. Then you can come back to it with a lower frequency. A healthy habit is to masturbate and have sex a total of three to four times a week, assuming once ejaculation per encounter.


  1. ^Sunny E. Ohiaa, Catherine A. Opereb and Angela M. LeDayc, Pharmacological consequences of oxidative stress in ocular tissues., Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis, Volume 579, Issues 1-2, 11 November 2005, Pages 22-36.
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