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Fixing a Leaky Penis to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

He continues to suffer from excessive pre-cum, causing him to prematurely ejaculate.

Case #: 29793


I notice I leak an inordinate amount of pre-cum during sex. Just a minute of kissing my partner and I can start to feel my pants brimming with pre-cum. My hyperactively arousal makes it difficult to last long, mostly because of my heightened sensation.

During sex, I may last 5 minutes if I am lucky. My lack of endurance makes it difficult to please my partner. She often complains about her lack of enjoyment during sex, a complaint I take to heart. I want to fix my problem to improve my endurance. Please, tell me how!


Pre-cum is a necessary lubricant to help stimulate the penis—and make it less painful for females during sex. If you did not exude pre-cum, your body would have a difficult time reaching an orgasm (even if this is your desire to achieve).

By releasing pre-cum, the penis can lubricate itself and reach an orgasm. However, in your case, pre-cum tends to be released in excess, pointing toward a problem with your neurotransmitters.

Control The Leaky Penis

Pre-cum, as with most bodily functions, is controlled by the hormones or neurotransmitters inside the body. Pre-cum, in particular, is controlled by serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps inhibit ejaculations.

When pre-cum leaks in excess, serotonin levels are low. When serotonin levels are high, pre-cum will not leak out as much. Because serotonin stymies the ejaculation valve from opening as much, the neurotransmitter can control an ejaculation. But when serotonin goes missing, the ejaculation valve remains open longer, allowing you to prematurely ejaculate.

Fixing The Problem

The solution seems easy: elevate the serotonin levels in the body. The actual method for doing so requires a bit more steps. The body will gain the necessary nutrients it needs to produce more serotonin from food.

But often times, the body may be unable to metabolize the nutrients because of a weakened parasympathetic nervous system, which serves to digest the necessary nutrients the body requires. So how do you fix the parasympathetic nervous system to elevate serotonin production?

With all-natural formulation (SEE: Calm Pills For PE). All-natural herbal products contain ingredients that will both improve the parasympathetic nervous system while increasing serotonin production.

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