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Expert Advice for Those Who Experience P.E.

Her boyfriend is ashamed that he ejaculates too quickly.

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My boyfriend, whom I adore, continues to suffer from premature ejaculation problems. When we have sex, he often ejaculates well under five minutes. I try my best to not stimulate him too quickly. I try to go as slow as possible. I try less-than stimulating sex positions. I even try to calm his nerves. Still, all my efforts seem futile because he continues to ejaculate well before he should.

I enjoy having sex, but when I cannot feel any pleasure from it, it loses its fun factor. Sex seems more like an awkward task than a pleasurable activity. I am starting to feel my frustrations build, too. I feel irked because I want to reach an orgasm too, and I cannot do so in 5 minutes! Please, help my boyfriend regain his confidence once again. I do not want to ruin his self-esteem further, but I too require care!


Combating premature ejaculation requires that a couple work together and communicate the issue. You, unlike other couples, is making an attempt to remedy the problem before it is a larger issue. Now, before you can help your partner, you must understand the causes for P.E. to find the best solution.

The Usual Suspects
Before a man ejaculates, the body releases several hormones and bodily chemicals to simulate the penis. Once the penis experiences enough sensation, it ejaculates. However, in your boyfriend’s case, he experiences more stimulation in a shorter period of time than other men. Why? Several reasons can be to blame for a sudden burst of embarrassment. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Alcohol or Drug abuse can fill the body with toxic byproducts that lead to P.E.
  • Anxiety disorders often create heightened sensation that leads to P.E.
  • Hormone imbalances often create a misbalance of bodily chemicals that can lead to P.E.
  • Over-Masturbation can train a man to ejaculate faster and can weaken a man’s ejaculation valve
  • Poor diet and exercise can too lead to a build up of bodily toxins that can cause hormone imbalances that lead to P.E.
  • Medications can often lead to either hormone imbalances or toxic residue that can cause P.E.

The Hidden Causes
If no specific cause can be identified and his PE problem happened occasionally, he might suffered from Incidental Premature Ejaculation, that are often contribued by hidden stress, performance anxiety, serotonin, and testosterone imbalance. Men who over-masturbate or watch excessive pornography tend to deplete their serotonin levels because of the heightened sensation.

Pathway to Endurance
Your boyfriend must first identify why he is prematurely ejaculating. Does his nervous system overreact? Does he masturbate too much causing a hormone imbalance? Is his diet healthy? Is he taking any medications? Once he identifies any contributing factors of P.E., he can find the right method for combating his illness. Depending on the causes, he can make adjustments to his lifestyle or take all-natural supplements that will stymie the urge to ejaculate.

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