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Bed Them, Then Forget Them (and They Forget You) – I Can’t Hold onto Sex Partners Due to Having a Small Package

This fellow is distressed over having a small penis. No sooner than he beds down a lover than they leave because of his unsatisfactory size. What can he do to help this most unfortunate situation?
Case #: 2010

Okay, here’s my deal. I’m a 29 year old healthy male who has a dirty little secret. I’m able to bed chicks down, but my small penis is preventing me from keeping them.
I don’t know what’s going on but my penis just seems to be getting smaller and smaller. I’m afraid that eventually, my sister’s 6 month old son is going to be giving me a run for my money, penis-size wise.
“Okay, man…this has got to work…just put your mind to it and you’ll pull through it with some bigger junk!” Chad said to himself in a low tone as he clenched his jaw. He had to be very careful with the cord he was holding; this all had to go perfectly.
Chad thought back for a moment; he had just started dating a woman who lived on the other side of town. But this wasn’t just any ordinary woman, she was the hottest chick that he’d ever talked to; let alone have the actual opportunity to nail. They’d talked on the phone the previous evening and she’d told him that she didn’t date guys with small penises.

Chad had a small penis. But that wasn’t going to stop him now. With a look of sheer determination and a grunt, Chad pulled on the stretch cord. One end was in his hands, it then snaked around one of his bed banisters, and the other end was wrapped around his penis. He groaned in pain as the cord began putting an extraordinary amount of pressure on his penis shaft. He could feel the base of his penis being stretched as well.
A couple of days later, Chad had to call off his date. His member was swollen and deeply bruised as a result of his careless, hair-brained scheme. Epic fail!
When “Little” and “Cute” are Not Good Things

Men can be made to feel unmanly and indeed inferior to other men as a result of having the perception that their penises are too small. Sometimes this can be the result of excessive heckling from mean kids in communal showers, while other times a rude or insensitive lover can clown around and harm a man’s ego with words shaped like barbs, such as “your little guy down there,” and “pencil d*ck.”
As a result of this, men can become desperate in wanting to find a way of gaining some penis size. Some take dangerous injections, while others go under the surgeon’s knife (not recommended) with the hopes of having a larger package. Still others take to goofy and potentially hazardous acts such as outlined in the above scenario, and improperly stretch their penises.
This can result in severe penile tissue tears as well as blood vessel ruptures, causing deep bruising and sometimes a loss in sensitivity.
Keeping Those Sex Partners

In order to reverse penis shrinkage, try taking an all-natural herbal mixture containing Deer Antler. (SEE: Deer Antler for Enlarged Penis) This potent extract can help men in the following ways:

  • Provide concentrations of Insulin Growth Factor -1 (IGF - 1) which is crucial to penile tissue growth
  • Promotes elements which expand penile girth and width
  • Enables the expansion and proliferation of spongy penile tissues for improved blood retention

While Deer Antler can also provide a man with increased levels with testosterone (which powers your sex drive), other herbs such as Cnidium and Ginseng can prevent and reverse the effects of penile atrophy caused by age.

By regularly ingesting these potent herbs, a man can go from zero to hero in a relatively short period of time (several months). So get yours today, and get back to your former glory!

What to do

Increase Your Size with Deer Antler

To men, size matters.

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