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Revenge of the Prostate That Can Haunted You Down Bad

Do you know what your prostate actually does? If you're a young guy, there's a good chance that you're clueless. But if you've been noticing sexual dysfunctions like precum discharge, soft erections or diminished libido, your prostate may be out to get you. Learn the facts before the damage gets any worse.

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My penis has been having what seems to be a precum discharge. It also hurts when I pee. This has only been the case since me and my wife last had sex over the weekend. I also have a fairly weak erection and premature ejaculation issues. I'm only 26, but my libido is like I'm 50. Thoughts?


Let's see. We have diminished libido, painful urination, precum discharge and soft erection. On their own, these three afflictions can point to any number of causes, but when you put them together, they all have the same common denominator: prostate enlargement
There was a time when men under 50 didn't even know or care what a prostate was, but these days, more and more young guys are experiencing severe prostate inflammation.
This is due to a combination of our poor modern McDiets, combined with the fact that widespread porn availability has led to a worldwide increase in chronic masturbation. It's like your mom always told you: Every time you touch yourself, God kills a bunny (okay, maybe that's not entirely accurate, but you get the idea).

The Prostate – Your Best Friend, Your Bitter Enemy

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located beneath your bladder. You may think it's like an appendix, in the sense that nobody cares about it until it becomes cancerous.
But if it weren't for that tiny gland, you wouldn't be able to produce semen, and then imagine how much your life would suck. Yes, the prostate is the unsung hero of the male anatomy, but over-masturbation and poor diet can cause it to become inflamed.
Your body produces excess amounts of DHT, a stress hormone which is great in small amounts, but hazardous in excess. Too much DHT causes your prostate to enlarge, and next thing you know, you're experiencing a whole laundry list of sexual and urinary problems, from seminal leakage to painful urination. Sound familiar?

Making Peace with Your Cranky Prostate

So now that we've pinpointed the cause, what's the solution? For starters, it's important to take care of your body. Eat well, and don't treat your penis like a punching bag. Second, consider taking nutrients that promote prostate health.
Ingredients like cranberry, pomegranate, lycopene, ginseng and griffonia have all been shown to treat and reverse the effects of prostate inflammation. I would recommend that you try a botanical remedy (SEE: Powerful Prostate Care Supplement Reviews) that contains a variety of these nutrients. Before long, your penis should feel like it did in your high school days...but without all of the sexual frustration.

What to do

Powerful Prostate Care Supplements For Active Lifestyle

If you notice blood in your semen, experience pain after ejaculating or notice a slow urine stream, your issues may be caused by abusive masturbation that has elevated your prostaglandin E-2 levels. Improve your health today

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