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Technique and Tools for Damaging Your Penis: A Warning to Men Seeking Penis Enlargement

A longtime masturbator has decided to try and make his erections bigger through techniques and tools, but has seen no results. What's wrong? Has he damaged his penis? More importantly, can he fix it? Read on and find out!
Case #:1487

A longtime masturbator has decided to try and make his erections bigger through techniques and tools, but has seen no results. What's wrong? Has he damaged his penis? More importantly, can he fix it? Read on and find out!

Barring extremely unpleasant upbringing or other trauma, just about every male on Earth and throughout history has masturbated.
Case Study Highlights

Summary: He bought devices and tried techniques to enlarge his penis. He paid to injure his penis and experience penis shrinkage. Find out how one man paid the ultimate price. For help on penis enlarge and recovery from penis-related injuries, leave your comments for us below.
Your Solution: Increase Your Size with Deer Antler
Helpful Guide: Penis Enlargement Guide & Technique Overview
Universal Commodity

To be fair, sexual stimulation serves to help perpetuate the species, and it doesn't require special foods, particular times of year, or expensive equipment. (You're still welcome to purchase and use them, if you can afford them, they just aren't really necessary.) And when there aren't any willing partners nearby, masturbation can provide a certain amount of emotional release. The downside is that, despite the lack of any apparent external limits on it, masturbation is just like any other activity in that it has a price. Let's have a closer look at the internal process to get a better idea of what that price really is.
Requirements For Ejaculation

Your erection forms from blood being forced into highly porous tissues inside your penis: the left and right corpus cavernosum (which forms the bulk of your erection) and the corpus spongiosum (which keeps your urethra from collapsing under the pressure of your inflated cavernosa). In order for the blood to stay in these tissues until you ejaculate, your aterial valves need to seal the blood in and withstand the hydraulic pressure generated by your erection as well as by any further manipulation, such as from your hand or your partner's anatomy.
But what you can see of your erection is far from the whole story. It needs to be triggered by certain neural signals, maintained by various chemicals and hormones and then released after ejaculations by similar means. These biochemcial and neurological elements are the “missing ingredient” from virtually every mechanical penis-expanding device on the market; if they aren't present when you're trying to enlarge your penis, you really are doing yourself next to no permanent benefit and probably quite a lot of damage.
So What WILL Work?

Before you can enlarge your penis, it needs to recover from your masturbatory habits. The most important part of that recovery is to stop ejaculating. You only need to go without for about three weeks, though your health-care provider will be able to give you a more exact figure based on your specific state of health. Don't feel too bad if you slip up between “now” and “Day 21”; if you managed to go three or four days between ejaculations, the healing will still take place, but much more slowly than it would have otherwise.
Zinc and B-Complex are two very important nutrients for tissue formation, and therefore for repairing damaged tissue. Your local library, your health-care provider and the Internet are chock-full of information on which foods offer the greatest concentration of these and other nutrients. Who knows, maybe you'll not only find your new favorite dish, but a new hobby in learning how to make it.
Engaging in a moderate exercise program will also help boost your natural testosterone levels, which is also very important for enhancing your erections.
Last but far from least, you should consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed specifically to enhance growth in your penile tissues, both lengthwise and in diameter, by supplying IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor–1) and other hormones. (SEE: Deer Antler-Natural Formula for Size Increase)
It took a long time for your masturbation and penis-expansion damage to add up to your current difficulties. Fixing them won't happen overnight, but patient and diligent work will eventually earn you the results you seek. Good luck!

What to do

Increase Your Size with Deer Antler

To men, size matters.

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