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Pre-cum keeps leaking out even after his erection goes away

He recently started masturbating excessively and now has symptoms of seminal leakage whenever he gets aroused.

Case #: 40989


I have recently been experiencing excessive amounts of precum when I become aroused. This problem happened few months ago, when I had masturbated 4 times in one night while watch some porn online. I just can’t stop it.

I used to get too much precum leak out when I erected for a long period of time. But now, the precum start leaking out as soon as I have an erection. It continues to come out throughout the day even after erection goes away. It's actually beginning to scare me, because I am afraid it is going to ruin my sex life forever. I need a non-surgical treatment for my condition.


Your excessive masturbation may have caused your problem of seminal leakage (Leaky Penis Disorder). If you take the right steps now, you don't have to worry about your sex life being ruined forever.

Over-ejaculation leads to overproduction of androgen hormones, causing adrenal and sex organ fatigue, and excess release of dopamine to maintain prolonged sexual arousal. It seems like your over masturbation have damaged and abraded your prostate, bulbourethral glands, ejaculation valve, and weaken your sexual parasympathetic nerves.

How Do I Know If I Have An Exhausted Adrenal Gland?

First, you may feel your muscles and joints become very tight and rigid upon ejaculation. An extremely exhausted adrenal function can cause an extreme low level of DHEA and cortisol, resulting in fatigue and pains throughout the body, including the back. The pain becomes severe at about 2-4 hours after ejaculating due to the sudden drop of DHEA, testosterone and DHT. You may experience minor pains & discomforts for a couple of days until your prolactin and cortisol levels are returned to their normal ranges.

Just keep in mind, penile erections continuously consume energy. For men with weak parasympathetic sexual nerves, 10 minutes of foreplay or erection can drain that energy. Once your adrenal gland exhausted and parasympathetic nerves have weakened, it just like a broken faucet and leakage problem will get worsen as time goes on.

If your adrenal gland has been exhausted due to over masturbation, it would be harder for your body to generate enough DHEA and other essential growth factors to recover from sexual exhaustion.

The hormone prostaglandin E-2, which serves an important function in sexual arousal, is also overproduced after excessive ejaculation and has an inflammatory effect on the prostate, bulbourethral glands, and ejaculation valve.

Chronic elevation of epinephrine and prostaglandin E2 results in severe damage to your endocrine and nervous system interaction making difficult for your mind to control ejaculation. If left untreated, premature ejaculation problem will soon happened. Involuntary excessive precum often is a good warning sign for severe premature ejaculation.

A number of herbs can aid in the prevention of seminal leakage and reverse the course that is headed for premature ejaculation. Look into various natural methods (herbal pills or do-it-yourself tincture) to stop precum leakage and prevent it from getting worse.

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