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Globes of Pain – Testicular Pain Related to Excessive Masturbation

Let’s check out this interesting case involving a man who has been playing with Mr. Happy a little too much, and is now paying for it in the form of a sore testicle. What is he to do to take care of this serious concern?

Case #: 1155


When I was 12, I saw how much my friends loved G.I. Joes. When I was 13, I saw how much my friends loved their GameBoys. And when I was 14, I saw how much my friends loved their PlayStations. Those items were the things my friends loved. Here’s how my late childhood went: When I was 12, I loved pornos with big-breasted women. When I was 13, I loved pornos with skinny blondes. When I was 14, I loved big-breasted blondes. While my friends were playing with childhood toys, I was busy masturbating and watching porn.

Now in my early 30s, I still masturbate—a lot. And lately, I’ve noticed my masturbation habits cause pain in my testicles. It appears my left testicle remains cold and often in pain. Each time I masturbate, I experience the pain. Is my habit causing my pain?


Many kids that were your age started masturbating in order to discover their sexual natures, it’s a normal part of life and nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

Sacred Nuts

For many youths however, masturbation turns into a preoccupation, because when you’re that age the brain is still developing, and more susceptible to addictive behavior, such as drinking, drugs, and you got it; excessive masturbation. Sometimes men can be a little too rough and vigorous with their hand movements, resulting in abrasions, bruising, and even more serious groin injuries. One thing is for certain; testicular pain is not a joke.

There can be different causes for this condition, each with different symptoms. For instance, testicular torsion occurs may occur due to either rough sexual activity or some other trauma, and your spermatic cord becomes twisted and cuts off the blood supply to the affected testicle. Torsion is usually detectable if you notice a sudden, acute pain in one of your testicles.

Epididymitis, on the other hand, is a gradual inflammation of the epididymis which is the part of the testicle that stores sperm. This condition is often characterized by intermittant or infrequent pain. It could even be caused by teticular cancer. One thing is for certain; this could be serious condition that needs to be checked out.

Let’s Protect What You’ve Got

I hate to break it too you but you’re going to have to refrain from happy time with your friend down there immediately, and go consult with your physician. This is nothing that should be put off and delayed but something to be addressed immediately. You have to take care of yourself because we only have one body in this life so ensure that it is as healthy as it can be for when you get older.

When you’re in the clear and the doc has indicated that it isn’t something more serious (torsion requires surgery for instance), you might consider taking a powerful botanical supplement. (SEE: Testicular Pain Relief Remedy) These ancient remedies can not only help to boost the blood flow and circulation within your testicles, but also eventually alleviate the testicular interstitial tissue edema that commonly causes pain.

Another benefit of these herbs is their ability to reduce and balance out your DHT levels, which will result in any inflammation going away. When your symptoms do disappear and you get back to masturbating, make sure that you ease back into it and only engage in happy time a maximum of 4 times a week. Every other day is a good rule of thumb.

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