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Overstressed and Undersexed–When Daily Pressures Kill Your Libido

Stress can be the ultimate libido killer,and it's not easily remedied.Fortunately,though,there is hope.Learn what you can do to take control of the situation right now.



3 years ago,I used some solutions that I found online for about 3 months with great success.My problem was a broken penis.I needed to improve the size of my penis and increase the loss of sex drive.I finished the treatment and everything worked very well.I was a year younger,28,and went on with my life pretty well.My sex life was good,but that only lasted for like a year because due to stress at work,marriage issues,and lower back injury that I suffered,everything started to fall apart again.What can I do to increase my sex drive again?I want it to stay high permanently so I can enjoy my sex life.


Quite often,guys will mistake erectile distraction for erectile dysfunction.That is to say,there's nothing specifically wrong with you from a chemical standpoint,but stress and anxiety can really put the brakes on your libido.You worry about everything from your job to your relationship,and suddenly Mr.Happy is putting on a sad face as he dangles lifelessly between your legs.

Unfortunately,taking control of anxiety is often easier said than done.The stresses of daily life are enough to make any guy as soft as a marshmallow,but you don't have to say Sayonara to your sex life...unless you never cared for sex in the first place,and we know that's not the case.

The Boring Scientific Explanation

When I said that there is nothing wrong with you chemically,that's actually only half true.Your loss of libido isn't the result of a natural chemical deficiency,but excess anxiety can most certainly trigger chemical reactions that don't work in your favor.

Most notably,anxiety causes the release of excess stress hormones like DHT.DHT is a byproduct of testosterone,and an overproduction of DHT can actually hinder your testosterone level.That's why DHT stands for“Dumb Hormone Taker”(actually it stands for Dihydrotestosterone,but I like my definition better).

But DHT overproduction doesn't just contribute to hormonal imbalance.DHT—when left to its own devices—also behaves as an inflammatory hormone,causing pain and discomfort and causing sex to seem more like an unpleasant chore than a euphoric experience.You might say that DHT overproduction is the ultimate mood killer,but getting the problem under control may be more complex than general stress management and morning meditation.

The Most Effective Natural Solution

You can't eradicate the stresses of life(greater men have tried),but you can reclaim control of your own situation.For starters,we want to remedy the testosterone/DHT imbalance,improve blood circulation to your penis and prevent further excess DHT conversion(and I only say“we”for the sake of the narrative;I will not be in the room with you).For this,I would recommend a combination of herbs that includes Cnidium,Cornus,Epimedium and Maca).(LOOK AT:Natural Libido Booster Formula)There are numerous herbal treatments that contain all of these ingredients and more,and they're extremely affordable,especially when you weigh them against the cost of divorce.

What to do

Natural Male Libido Supplements&Pills

If you suffer from weak erections,orgasm disorders or low sex drive,this formula can help you regain your old sexual abilities

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