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Franken-Schnitzel – Curved Dongs and Peyronie’s Disease

Here we find a gentleman who is pleased with his member size but there is one problem: it twists off to the side. This is potentially uncomfortable for both he and any sexual partner in the future. What can he do to overcome this issue?

Case #: 1610


I was blessed with a very long penis since birth. I never thought it would be a big problem because I was raised thinking that women loved a big penis. Well the size of my penis isn't the problem, when my penis is erect it has a slight curvature. I never really thought anything bad about this until I was a teenager and realized that this might be a problem when having sex with a woman. Is there any way of getting rid of this curve to my penis?


He’d met her in one of his college classes after he’d asked her if she wanted to be his study partner. His real motivation of course was to get laid since she was so hot, but he felt that he had to play it off, at least at first. They would study together on campus and then started meeting up at his dorm room.

Leaning Tower of Penis

Toward the end of the course some of their conversations had started to turn into some pretty hot-and-heated exchanges rife with sexual innuendo. It hadn’t hurt that the class was in the sexual education category; in fact it played directly into his plan. One night, while bragging about how long his dong was, she had doubted him, saying: “Guy who brag about that usually have small dicks.” Well that was it; now he just had to show and prove. After a particularly lusty conversation he called her to come over for a little “extra-curricular” activity.

His heart fluttered at the prospect of having sex with her as he cleaned up his room and sprayed air freshener all over the place. She arrived, and after a few beers they commenced to making out along with some groping and grabbing of each other’s nether parts.

“Oh, it looks like you do have something down there,” she said after a few grasps of his big boner.

He smiled confidently while unzipping his pants. “I warned you.”

As he produced his throbbing member her expression turned from one of anxious lust to that of a pale ghost. “What the hell is that? Oh hell no…I’m not getting prodded by a twisted jackhammer – you could poke through my ribcage with that thing!”

After quickly re-dressing she bolted out of his room while he lay on his bed with his severely curved penis in hand, a look of dejection on his face.

As in the above narrative, having a “different looking” penis can be embarrassing and quite a turn-off for many women. Luckily there is a solution but let’s look at a few of the causes first.

Peyronie’s Disease is caused by a hardened layer of tissue just under the skin of your penis. When you become aroused your penis engorges with blood and stretches, but since the affected area is more rigid, your erection curves off into that direction. There are several ways that this scar tissue may have developed. It could be the result of too-rigorous masturbation techniques that caused plaque formations to accumulate. It may also be because of unsafe sexual practices/positions that can cause penile tissues to rupture and blood vessels to tear, which results in the consolidation of hardened tissues in a certain area. Blunt force trauma (such as when playing sports) to your penis can also cause sudden plaque build-up. So how do you reverse this condition?

Back to Straight but Not Narrow

As opposed to opting for potentially dangerous surgical procedures or taking medical drugs which can cause further side-effects, there are some natural alternatives. Consider taking a powerful herbal remedy to aid you in your recovery.

These botanical mixtures can help to promote HGH, DHT, and other growth factors for better blood circulation. (SEE: Natural Herbal Formula for Penile Injury & Trauma Relief) They can also provide your body with crucial nutrients needed for soft tissue regeneration and blood vessel repair and rejuvenation. Combined, these factors can lead to the dissolution of scar tissue build-up and a return to a straighter penis once again.

So get back to being able to whip out your package without embarrassment or potential ridicule, start today!

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