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Excessive Masturbation Cause Hormonal Crisis In The Body

Chronic over-masturbation has resulted in IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), urethral pains, hypertension, and blurry vision.

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I like to masturbate. I have been engaging in the activity since the age of 11. I would often masturbate just once a day, sometimes even more. Now, I suffer from IBS and urethral pain. My doctor prescribed painkillers, but still, my problem is now my blurry vision and urethral pains. What have I done to my body? Please note, I am a diabetic and do take insulin.


Over-masturbation can really damage your body, especially since you have engaged in the act for so many years. Diabetes, combined with medications, can further destroy your body. Now, as for your persistent desire to masturbate, you need to exercise some restraint.

Masturbation, Inflammation
When you engage in too much sexual activity, the body can become enflamed. During sex, the body releases essential neurochemicals and hormones. The problem occurs when the glands in the body become fatigued and cannot produce enough hormones to power the sex drive. Androgen hormones, such as testosterone, see a dearth in production while inflammatory hormones, i.e., prostaglandin E-2, experience a proliferation. Both can cause the problems you are experiencing: blurry vision and pain throughout your body.

The Diabetic Effect
As a diabetic, you face three main risk factors that can cause erectile dysfunction: nerve damage, narrowed blood vessels, and inhibited nitric oxide production. Nerve damage can lead to weak erections, while damage blood vessels can prevent the penile chambers from holding blood. The lack of nitric oxide can prevent the pressure of blood in the corpora cavernosa from rising, which can also prevent the penis from holding blood.

Plan of Action
You need to stop masturbating so much and allow your body to heal. As a diabetic, you have to be especially mindful of your health to avoid having to combat E.D. In addition, you may want to take all-natural supplements to cure your body of the hormone imbalance and rejuvenated damaged organs.

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