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I Wish My Penis Was as Hard as My Long Distance Relationship

He cannot maintain a rock-hard erection during sex. Now, he feels embarrassed to attempt intercourse with his partner.

Case #: 31425


My girlfriend and I partake in plenty of oral sex and foreplay. During these activities, I can maintain an erection fine. In fact, I can feel my erections poking a hole in my jeans because of their sheer power. During sex, my erections resemble cooked noodles flopping back and forth. Each time I try to engage in sex, my erections revert to the feeling of cooked noodles. Now, I am afraid to engage in sex with my girlfriend in fear of a the problem reoccurring.

Please note, I am in a long-distant relationship, which causes me to over masturbate about 4-5 times a day when my girlfriend is away. My excessive masturbation caused my vision to blur, ears to ring and back to ache. Could masturbation be the culprit for my current predicament?


Long distant relationships can be difficult, and abstaining from self-pleasuring yourself can be equally cumbersome. The good news is that you are simply experiencing symptoms of sexual exhaustion, a common condition among young men. Think of the body’s libido as a water preserve—with a limited supply of water.

Drink too much water from the preserve and it runs dry. Ejaculate too much and the body runs dry of neurochemicals needed to power the sex drive. It seems masturbation is the culprit for your current vision and ear problems, as well as the weak, unsustainable erections.

The Chemical Imbalance of Masturbation
Masturbation depletes the body of essential neurochemicals after each ejaculation. Done in excess, the body will be unable to produce the high levels of serotonin, dopamine, acetylcholine and testosterone needed for sex. Each hormone or neurotransmitter plays a vital role in sex. Here’s a breakdown of what each does for the body:

Acetylcholine: helps power an erection while regulating the heartbeat. A depletion in acetylcholine can alter your body’s capacity to maintain an erection.

Dopamine: known for providing pleasure, a lack of dopamine can make sex less enjoyable. Instead, the penis will require more stimulation because of the depletion of the neurochemical.

Serotonin: controls your mood and ejaculations. A depletion of the chemical can cause severe backaches and vision problems too.

Testosterone: powers your sex drive to keep your erections “hard.” When a depletion occurs, men feel moody and lack sexual desires.

Lucky for you, your youth will help you heal fast. A depletion of these said chemicals can be easily restored with all-natural supplements and abstinence. By abstaining from sex, your body will be allowed to heal itself much faster, gathering the necessary nutrients from all-natural supplements. After a few weeks, you will see erections return to normal. Vision will improve, and sex drive will be more ferocious.

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