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Painful Penis Pulling – Jelqing and Penile Damage

Here we find yet another gentleman writing in with concerns about the ever-popular, and ever so-dangerous jelqing technique. He is experiencing some pain and discomfort as a result of engaging his penis like a cow’s nipple and needs a little advice as far as how to get things back to normal.

Case #: 1608


I have been doing jelqing technique exercises for 6 weeks and then I stopped 3 weeks ago. Now my penis is very tender and when I have an orgasm it hurts for a few days. My penis looks fine, there are no blisters or bruises but the veins look enlarged and it tingles. Is there any treatment to help my penis pains?


Imagine that you are hopping around in your town and that your main mode of locomotion is a pogo stick.

Waking Nightmare

This isn’t any old pogo stick mind-you, it’s one that can transport you up and down hills, over rivers, and through inclimate weather. It can also vault your over your hot neighbor’s fence for a little hanky-panky now and again. Indeed, your pogo stick is so sleek and sexy that when other men see you springing down the street they look at you jealously, while women nearly drop their panties on the spot. But let’s say that suddenly the skies darken, and the landscape changes; your quaint little town turns into something that looks foreboding like Mordor from The Lord of the Rings.

When you go to vault over to your neighbor’s house she sees you and screams while looking down in the direction of your pogo stick. You follow her gaze and your eyes bulge as you behold that in the place of the pogo stick there is a giant fleshy penis protruding from in-between your legs and it is all bruised, bloody, and beaten up. Then you suddenly wake up in a sweat from your dream-turned-nightmare and sigh in relief that it isn’t real.

Although this scenario seems surreal, through self-abusive penis exercises, this nightmare can become a reality. In order to force an artificial boner, jelqing, which has a man jerking, stretching and throttling his member, forces blood into his tiny interconnected penile chambers (corpus cavernosum). The too-rigorous hand movements and penile blood rush can cause tissue tears, ruptured blood vessels, and destroyed nerve endings, resulting in bruising (internal and/or external), pain and discomfort, and sensitivity. So how can you reverse the damage done?

A Simple Solution

You’ve won half the battle by stopping those dopey jelqing exercises; so it might be wise not to take them up again. You should also lay off masturbating for a while in order to give your body a chance to start healing itself. At least until your penis is back to normal.

Luckily, there is a way to greatly accelerate your healing process and that is by taking a nourishing botanical remedy. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Penile Damage & Injury Relief) These natural herbal mixtures won’t adversely affect you and cause further side-effects such as pharmaceutical medications can. Instead, they can provide crucial nutrients that heal damaged penile nerve endings, and repair ruptured blood vessels and tissues.

They can also dissolve the accumulation of collagen scarring within your penis’s fibrous sheath which may have occurred from your self-abuse. This will ensure that your penis receives an unobstructed supply of blood for better erection quality in the long-run. So don’t fall deeper into a waking nightmare; instead get on the path to natural healing so that your pogo stick is ready to play at a moment’s notice.

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