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Couldn’t Hit the Broad Side of a Barn: He Missed His Girlfriend’s Vagina during Sex and Injured His Penis

A rigorous session of sex left his girlfriend upset and his penis injured. He became so wrapped in the moment he missed her vagina and hit another part of her body. Now his erections need a boost – they haven’t been the same since that fateful night.
Case #: 1984

During vigorous lovemaking with my girlfriend, I accidentally hit the outside of her vagina, as in a spot between her vaginal opening and thigh. I was caught in the moment and got a little erratic. She got upset because I immediately lost my erection. But this wasn’t the worst part – that came when I realized I had hurt myself. I heard a popping sound and then felt intense pain before I went soft. Since then, my erections have been less than perfect. What’s the deal?

It’s true penis injuries don’t often occur. When soft, this flexible, mobile organ is quite unlike breakable bones in arms and legs. Nonetheless, penile fracture is possible. This isn’t because something inside the penis actually breaks – you’ll find no bone there – but because penis tissues tear. Let’s explain.
Soft Versus Hard

The penis is inherently designed to protect itself from harm. It remains soft most of the time to stay out of the way and avoid injury. A groin hit or sports mishap can damage even a soft penis, but these events are rare.
Sexual activity poses the greatest risk to a penis. During an erection erect, the tunica albuginea is stretched to the limit. This is the layer of stretchy, fibrous tissue directly beneath the penis’s outer skin. The very nature of the tunica albuginea allows the penis to grow and bulge to eye-popping proportions. But it’s not impervious to harm.
The twisting, turning and thrusting that characterizes sex means the penis could inadvertently bend and tear the tunica albuginea. Yes, bending is possible even when the penis is fully erect. A popping sound accompanies the tear, and immediately thereafter the penis will become flaccid and swell at the point of injury. A bruise may also appear and cause tenderness that lasts well beyond one or two nights.
The amount of time it takes to recover depends on the severity of your injury. Some men only slightly bend their penises during sex, and although painful, this doesn’t typically cause lasting problems. A tear in the tunica albuginea, however, may require surgery and/or abstinence from sex for up to two months.
How to Avoid Future Injuries

It’s easy to forget yourself in a heated moment of passion and concentrate all your energies on pleasure. With this in mind, we won’t try to tell you to avoid rigorous sex – most people crave hard and fast at least once in a while. But you should keep in mind that repeated injuries can cause complications like erectile dysfunction or penis curvature.
Your best bet during sex is to avoid the girl-on-top position. This makes the penis more vulnerable to injury because women cannot gauge penis bending when they’re in control. Also be mindful of your thrusting to avoid hitting your girlfriend’s thigh or other pubic bone.
How Common Is Penis Injury?

We said earlier that penis injuries happen infrequently, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen at all. Hospitals in larger cities might see one or two fractures per month in addition to several more minor injuries. The common denominator in most of these cases is rigorous sex.
Penis fractures have been documented since the 10th century, and evidence would likely show they occurred even before this. The number of cases has risen as prescription drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction have become more common. These drugs can cause lasting erections men try to conceal with tight underwear or other clothing. This, too, causes penis fractures, although sometimes to a milder degree than those caused by sexual activity.
On the Road to Recovery

Penile injuries heal quickly and effectively with the aid of an herbal formula. ViaPal-hGH-D Penils Injury Remedy for Harder Erection Recovery is blended to repair damaged penis tissues and improve erection quality. How is this possible? (TRY: ViaPal-hGH-D for Penile Injury Recovery) Herbs like Ginkgo Biloba and Horny Goat Weed enhance blood flow to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to penis tissues. In turn, nerves become more sensitive and injured tissues return to normal. These qualities translate to greater sexual satisfaction and stronger, firmer erections.

What to do      

ViaPal-hGH-D Penile Injury Remedy For Harder Erection Recovery

ViaPal-hGH-D formula is a multi-functional, restorative formula suitable for repai

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