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Help for the Sexually Exhausted

His excessive masturbation/sexual intercourse has lead to his present state of affairs: symptoms of sexual exhaustion.

Case #: 29946


I am the atypical male. I masturbate multiple times a day, often as many as five times a night. Even after I ejaculate, I still desire sex. Most men—at least the ones I have spoken too—tend to feel satisfaction after an ejaculation. Most need a small respite before engaging in sex again. I am not most. No, I invariably desire sex. I dream about sex non-stop. I lust for sex even at the sight of a woman. Heck, I even watch television and I get the urge to masturbate.

Now, it seems my incessant lust for masturbation has ruined my health. I no longer enjoy sex as much as I used to. I feel pain in my testicles, penis and lower back. Even my hands, neck and knees feel inflamed. My vision is plagued by a myriad assault of eye floaters, while my sex life is in a dilapidated state. My lack of sexual desires continue to irk my girlfriend. She continues to pester me for sex, and I continue to stymie her advances. If my sex life does not see a return, she will leave me. If my general inflammation does not dissipate, I may just have to take high dosages of painkillers to alleviate the pain.


You may feel as the atypical male, but hundreds of other males suffer from the same condition you do because of the same problem. You suffer from a common case of sexual exhaustion. Your body has exerted so much energy in preparing itself for sex that it can no longer produce the same energy to power your sex life.

Now, in the body’s attempt to defend itself from further damage, it causes inflammation throughout the back, testicles and knees. Inflammation aside, the body also causes a reduction in hormones.

Defense Mechanisms
Think of your sexual health as a rubber band. You can stretch the rubber band and it will always return to a state of rest. However, over stretch the rubber band and it will break. Sex, like the rubber band, can be stretched multiple times, but done for a prolonged period can cause too much pressure on the body.

In your case, you placed too much pressure on the body to produce the necessary hormones and neurotransmitters required for sex. The added pressure created a dearth in both neurochemicals. Now, your body produces less testosterone needed for sex. Lower testosterone and acetylcholine levels cause erections to go missing, while dopamine, another essential neurotransmitter, sees a reduction in production as well, resulting in less pleasure gained from sex.

When you engage in too much sex, the body will produce an inflammatory hormone called prostaglandin E-2 (PGE-2). PGE-2, when produced in abundance, will cause the inflammatory pains in your back, testicles and knees. Meanwhile, the body will lack another hormone called Prostaglandin E-1 that helps keep muscles elastic to reduce pain.

A deficiency of PGE-1 will too cause muscular pain or discomfort upon touching. Insufficient neuronutrients and hormones will make the local tissues become very tender and soft due to a lack of PGE-1, while low testosterone and acetylcholine levels will ruin an erection.

Getting The Help You Need
Rest is of utmost importance to an individual in a state of sexual exhaustion. No sex, no porn, and no masturbation. The body needs to rest! It needs to replenish the hormones and neurotransmitters lost during prolonged sexual activity.

The body also needs nutrients for these neurotransmitters and hormones to become replenished. Food can provide the necessary nutrients; but often times in a state of sexual exhaustion, the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for digesting nutrients, slows down.

Once slowed, the system cannot digest the necessary nutrients for hormone and neurotransmitter production. Instead, nutrients will need to come from somewhere, and the best place to get them: all-natural supplements. These products will restore the body to an all-natural state as well as increase the production of necessary hormones and neurotransmitters.

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