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Sex Addiction Can Wreak Havoc on Your Prostate

A lot of young guys don't know what their prostate actually does, but if you constantly have sex or masturbate, this important gland can make life very uncomfortable for you. Learn the facts about prostatitis, and what you can do when this unpleasant condition occurs.

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I have lived a fruitful sexual life. I started when I was just 16, and since then, I indulged in sex whenever I could. I had sex anytime—and place—I was able to. Now for the last 10 years, my voracious sexual appetite has damaged my body. According to my doctor, my incessant urges have caused my prostate to become inflamed. 10 years later, I still suffer from the same condition.

I cannot urinate correctly. I wake up to use the restroom multiple times a night, making a full night sleep impossible. Work becomes cumbersome to complete thanks to the constant restroom breaks, and sex seems bland because of my premature ejaculation. I want to regain my manhood. I want to please the wife again. Most importantly, I want to fix my prostatitis problem.


Sounds like you have a sex life that most guys only dream about. Unfortunately, there's a price to be paid for having too much fun. Think of it this way: Do you ever work out at the gym? Well what happens if you work out the same muscle group multiple days in a row, without giving your muscle tissue time to heal in between?

As any personal trainer will tell you, this can cause permanent physical damage. Well your sex organ is a muscle too.

The Science of Sexual Overload

Sex, foreplay, masturbation...these are all excellent Saturday night activities, but with each orgasm that pulsates its way through your body, your prostate is forced to work overtime, producing the white, milky fluid that makes up your semen.

When you're constantly achieving the big O, that reproductive assembly line becomes overworked, and your prostate becomes inflamed. That inflammation is known as prostatitis. Symptoms include prostate exhaustion, prostate pain, and urinary incontinence, just to name a few.

To make matters worse, doctors have found that prostatitis is a leading cause of premature ejaculation (more info). Sucks, right? Sexual over-stimulation causes a release of excess DHT (a testosterone byproduct), which causes organs to become over-stimulated.

Treating the Dysfunction

When it comes to the bedroom, you don't want to be the fastest gun in the west. And since we've established that your premature ejaculation is most likely the result of your prostatitis, the first step is to give your prostate some much needed TLC.

The good news is that prostatitis is highly treatable, and certain herbs—such as dianthus, gardenia, jujube, and patrinia—can restore natural sexual function by reducing DHT levels and providing essential nutrients to your parasympathetic nerves.

So if you're feeling sore between the legs, and you can't hold your semen for longer than the duration of a top 40 pop song, you can use botanical solutions to get back in working order. Additionally, slow down on the sexual stimulation. Believe it or not, too much sexual stimulation can be bad for your sexual health.

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