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Almost Out – Issues Associated with Over masturbation and Marijuana Use

This case study involves a young man who has been over masturbating and has burned out his body as a result. He has turned to marijuana as a way of coping with the stress cause by these habits, but unbeknownst to him this is only compounding the problem. How? Read on and find out.

Case #: 1157


I am currently 29. I orgasm two times a day or more since I was 12. I constantly think about sex. I have problems with hair thinning and hair falling out! I feel confused sometimes and smoke marijuana regularly to cope with stress. Eating habits are awful and I have no motivation or focus towards any life plans.


I used to sail a lot when I was younger, but I really enjoyed motorboats. Not as much work dealing with all of those sails and wind patterns and such. Just a nice breeze, the sound of the sea sloshing up against the hull, the smell of diesel as the outboard motor chugs away, and seagulls squawking overhead. There is nothing like that feeling of leaving the landlubbers behind on shore, striking out on your own, and that special sense of freedom that you get when you’re heading out to sea. Very stress releasing indeed.

Slow Boat to Nowhere

Masturbation is similar to that experience; both involve not having to rely on anyone else for your pleasure, getting away and having fun, and ultimately relief from the daily grind. But what if you take your boat out to sea a little too often?

Let’s look at your body as the boat, and the neurotransmitters and sex hormones as the diesel fuel. What you’ve done as a consequence of over masturbation without enough breaks in-between sessions is run through your diesel little by little and now you’re always running on fumes. This has caused your engine to smoke and emit toxic fumes.

In other words, every time that you climax now without proper rest since the last time, your body converts testosterone to DHT, and over time your DHT has built up to astronomical levels, damaging your very hair follicles. In addition to that you’re smoking marijuana which has a whole bevy of negative health effects, including constricting your blood vessels and inhibiting the amount of blood circulation to your head and scalp, limiting the amount of nutrients that it receives. Now you’re essentially a sputtering motorboat lost in a deep fog (marijuana) and losing sight of the shore fast. So how do we find a solution?

Wholistic Healing

Do yourself a tremendous favor and find another hobby besides smoking weed; every puff that you take is only exacerbating the problem. Lay off masturbation for a few weeks and give your body a fighting chance to heal itself. Stay away from junk food and only eat fresh, whole foods. You need an entire lifestyle change to help kick-start your path back to health.

You can really move things along by taking a powerful healing formula. These mixtures can to reduce the amount of stress hormones that your body is secreting because you’ve sexually exhausted yourself. They can also rejuvenate your liver function, allowing it to discard those nasty little DHT steroids from your hair follicles, and revitalize your scalp. An increased blood circulation is another benefit that can help promote hair follicle repair and hair growth. (TRY: Herbal Hair Loss Solution) So how about pulling your motorboat into port and take some time to repair and refuel; it’s as easy as making a simple decision.

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